Detroit's cultural collapse a harbinger for the west.

Detroit has collapsed fiscally, but money is not the real problem. The real reason Detroit is in a spiral of destruction is cultural.

For 60 years the majority of Detroit citizens have voted Democrat. They’ve elected incompetents, malcontents, racists, thieves and criminals. As a result they’ve had completely destructive governance.

Only three percent of fourth graders are capable of reading at the national math standards. Forty-seven percent of Detroit residents are functionally illiterate. Seventy-nine percent of Detroit children are born to unmarried mothers.

So being uneducated and illiterate how can Detroit citizens understand the complexities of government and democracy and the voting system and the foundations of the United States republic, its constitution? They can’t. So we’re left with a broken city of degenerates that provides a stark example of left wing political outcomes and should serve as a warning to anyone who unlike the denizens of Detroit, can still read and write.

This is what the left are bringing to you. This is what the left want. Detroit is where the left are happy in that they have broken down capitalist society and traditional culture and replaced it with the new Progressive model. And they will do this everywhere if they are permitted. They will do it right across the west and in your home town. They work furtively and intently to bring about just this destructive outcome every place they reside.

If you don’t want your town to end up like Detroit then join the Conservative movement and reject the Progressives. Beat the bastards back or go down like Detroit. Its that simple.

Further reading- WARNING- don’t read unless you’ve got the stomach for some astonishing truths.

2 thoughts on “Detroit's cultural collapse a harbinger for the west.

  1. Hey Red,

    Does this mean I’m Persona non Grata?
    shall i make a list of people in history that stood up…..?
    IF this list would contain the names of more than 1000 people involved, THEN would you believe? Or should this list contain 10.000, 100.000, 1.000.000 people?

    It’s NOT seeing is believing, but the other way around: BELIEVING IS SEEING, If you don’t have an open mind (for whatever reason) you will give any argument to ridicule, debunk, or “reason” it to a point ones mind will be in peace with it.


  2. Listen, I think more than a few of the assertions you made in the post are demonstrably nonsense, and the reason I say this is that I’ve dealt with them before. I have seen them presented, investigated them and concluded they were worthless. Assertions about Afghanistan and Iraq for two examples.

    This is obviously a pet subject with you. Please use your own website to publicise it, not mine. And if you haven’t got one, why not start one?


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