Youth Parliament- Sanctimonious hypocrites worship diversity unless it relates to opinion

Its beyond debate that a sizeable portion of the New Zealand population does not agree with the National/Labour/Green coalition’s act in redefining traditional marriage. For one example illustrating this point, 17000 NZers responded to a TV3 poll on the issue and 78% of these were opposed.

Someone needs to tell the bunch of sanctimonious little Prog totalitarians who made up the recent farcical “Youth Parliament” that an elected politician has a duty to listen to all views if he is going to represent his/her constituents in the house.

When a member rose to speak against the Marriage Redefinition Act (Prog propagandists constantly and wrongly refer to it as The Marriage Equality Act- it was never formally called this) most of the Youth Parliament in a display of arrogance that starkly illustrates their sameness of thinking and their intolerance for diversity of opinion, walked from the chamber.

Proving one of my old adages- our school system exists not to educate but as one more corrupted public service devoted to entraining Progressive political views into the mainstream debate, and to reinforce the Progressive political paradigm. The youth parliamentarians who walked out are intolerant brainwashed victims of progressive teachers and a socially corrupt curriculum who, if they had been real members of the house, would have insulted a large sector of their vote base.

Whereas they worship diversity and profess to apply it in respect of Marxist concepts like gender and race, apparently diversity of opinion holds no such revered place in their minds.

Someone should have told these sanctimonious little twerps about their real responsibilities, but I know one thing- such advice wouldn’t have come from the grown up Progs of the National/Labour/Greens coalition. Arrogantly shoving marriage redefinition down the throats of a large number of people who do not want it, they don’t know those responsibilities themselves yet.

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  1. ACT and Peter Dunne’s former party you could add to the list. Is this what the good people of Epsom voted for? John Banks told me the good people of Epsom would fucking sodomize him if he supported such legislation. Those were his exact words.


  2. Yeah well, I guess you learned something there about the worth of John Bank’s word Chuck.


  3. Arrogant smart-alec brats. Who know the value of nothing. Never done a days work, contributed nil, but happy to spout, boss and plunder others. Think the world owes them. These types were touted a couple of weeks ago as politicians and leaders of the future. A key indicator that our country is well down the skids.


  4. At least none of them have to worry about Dirty Darren.


  5. Maxine – this site is already famous.

    Lauren – Redbaiter is at the top of the left hate list purely because he exposes their hypocrisy and they know that he is correct in what he says. As they cannot beat him in an argument all they have left is an ad hominem attack.


  6. RB – you must have visited “The Hand Mirror” because it looks like you picked up some kind of dyke contagion.


  7. You can sort of see where Anders Breivik was coming from…


  8. The yapping femijackals of the left…..


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