Invercargill Police Sergeant needs lesson in history

Further to the post below, the uproar over what is basically just rude behaviour has increased, and we now witness the mind boggling spectacle of involvement by the Invercargill police.

Invercargill Sergeant Wing-wah Ng said police were investigating. This type of inappropriate language and behaviour was not tolerated, especially to Humayun who was providing a service, he said.

Apparently this is the new progressive state we all must enjoy. A state that is awash in crime and violence yet the Police prefer to spend time investigating and prosecuting law abiding citizens for rudeness. When the foundation of our heritage and traditional culture is respect for freedom of expression and free speech, what has all of that come to when the police can investigate and prosecute for a relaltively minor incidence of crude drunken expression of opinion?

I have to wonder at Sergeant Wing-wah Ng, in particular if he knows the difference between cultural values in the West and in Red China, North Korea and Vietnam.

Then we have further big government bullying and threats, with calls for action from the Human Rights Commission, that repugnant anti-free speech institution that is a blot upon the landscape of our traditional freedoms.

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy said the incident was “appalling”. “It’s absolutely disgraceful and unfortunately it still continues here in New Zealand,” she told TVNZ today. “We still have an element of people who are extraordinarily racist.” Her office could not prosecute, but it could act to try to “take the fear and ignorance away from people who make these ridiculous statements”, Devoy said. The passenger should know freedom of belief and religion were extremely important, and she hoped he would make some effort at reconciliation with the taxi driver.”

Devoy’s office’s function is really just to use big government to smooth the way for enforced multi-culturalism and eventual Maori separatism and sovereignty..

Mr. Shuttleworth has already tried to apologise for his drunken rudeness. I don’t endorse his behaviour, but its not the enormous crime our Progressive state and its lame followers would make it out to be.

This is a prime example of the dangers of Progressivism. These people all profess respect for freedom of expression, and tolerance, but the fact is its all only one way, and they set up powerful government institutions and introduce legislation that attack those freedoms and show little tolerance for anyone not sharing the views they promote.

The pincers are slowly closing on our traditional liberties and it is the Progressives who are behind it.

One thought on “Invercargill Police Sergeant needs lesson in history

  1. I lost track of the number of times I was abused by maoris as a ‘white c**t” and similar terms when I worked in NZ.
    Perhaps Susan-useless-Devoy would be interested in those incidents?
    Thought not.


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