Kura Waller, a brave girl who refused to be intimidated by Prog bullies

Kura WallerjpgFurther to the post below, I thought I missed something there and that is to give some credit to the brave girl who made the speech. You don’t have to agree or disagree with her opinion but I think it would be fair to say most readers would agree she deserves some congratulations for her bravery, and for daring to challenge “the sclerotic liberal orthodoxy around which the major parties and their media cheerleaders are huddled.”

I think if we do indeed need any of these little self important poseurs representing us in the future, I would put the courageous Tauranga schoolgirl Kura Waller at the top of the list. More intelligence, more independence of thought and more courage than the rest of the brainwashed little twerps put together. I might disagree with some of her ideas but I can’t fault her spirit.

Well done Kura, keep up the fight, and remember, never ever ever give in.

Wonder where Grace Carrol is these days. Another heroine.

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