Detroit collapse provides opportunity for libertarian state

Detroit has been governed by progressives for 60 years and has naturally gone badly bankrupt. Now there is a fight over what assets can be sold to pay creditors. The more assets sold, the more cents in the dollar for those owed, but of course the progs are kicking back on sales. You can do that when you’re a corrupt government. Any private bankrupt would have to sell everything and that would be that.

However the sale of the precinct of Belle Isle, a picturesque island park in the Detroit river, might go ahead. Robert Lockwood is a libertarian property developer and he is head of a group that wants to buy the island and turn it into a city state (like Singapore). It will be called “The Commonwealth of Belle Isle”.

Ironic that from the degradation of Detroit at the hands of the state worshipping progs, there might spring the US’s first real libertarian region. I can’t see it happening, but you never know. It will be interesting to see how many people choose to live in the island city state if it does arise. Maybe quite a few if they’ve learned anything at all from the destruction of Detroit.

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  1. Don’t you get it? There’s an elephant in the room that you don’t see…

    The monetary system is bankrupt. History will repeat itself again. The stock markets are all time high due to unlimited printing of FED dollars. This balloon will burst (again), probably in October or November,

    As long as currency is based on NOTHING but thin air. As long as PRIVATE bankers control the system.
    As long as IMF, ECB, FED and all PRIVATE institutions control our money, As long as fractional reserve exists, citizens of the world will be nothing more than debt slaves that are caught up in a rat race, trying to make a living.

    ANYONE that resisted this money system, that started with the Bank of Amsterdam in 1603, and accelerated with the creation of the FED in 1913 (Lincoln – issuing of the Greenback dollar, JFK – Issuing executive order no. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve) All of those people and countries have been silenced or invaded Iraq (wanted to sell oil in Euros), Libya (wanted to sell oil in gold Reaal), Syria and Afghanistan (oil pipelines), Mali (80% of their export is gold), Sudan (uranium) .

    Follow the (real history of) money and see that all of the above is true. – Read “a web of debt”

    Now the next step will be that someone will stand up as a “saver of currency” – Which means nothing more than a “new worldwide currency” with a “revalidation and reset of all other currencies” aka the legalized robbing of all the savings of citizens, Signs are already there, look at Cyprus in March of this year.

    This system only exists while WE tolerate it. Maybe it’s time to make a stand because the longer we wait, the harder the consequences will be….


  2. What I do get is that I don’t want obsessive loons like you cluttering my website. Fuck off and post your half baked crap looney tune conspiracies somewhere else. I’m not here to provide an audience or an outlet for one issue obsessives.


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