Hysterical over-reaction to taxi driver abuse video exposes sickness in NZ society

I don’t know if any readers are as annoyed as I am by the crescendo of self righteous criticism directed at Greg Shuttleworth, the Invercargill man who got a bit drunk the other night and was rude to a Muslim taxi driver.

So far we’ve had the Mayor of Invercargill apologising for the city, the Human Rights Commission threatening Shackleton with re-education, and the police promising to investigate.

Today I read where his employers are going to “conduct an investigation”. How damn sick and intrusive is that???

Leaving aside that the whole issue was provoked anyway by the taxi driver’s snide question to his customer “are you drunk?”, and then filming the exchange on his I-phone. That would irritate the hell out of me.

For God’s sake this was just a bit of late night drunken rudeness in an isolated street in an isolated town in one of the world’s most isolated spots. While these two were having their petty little disagreement, people were getting raped and robbed and beaten and killed all over the world.

Its not surprising that after so much officialdom has come down on him so incredibly heavily, poor old Greg Shackleton has broken down in tears and is full of apologies.

But here’s the real issue-

What we really have here is another example of NZ’s progressive elite, those totalitarian scum in politics and the news media, trying to tell the rest of us how we should think and speak. Its not about Greg Shackleton or the taxi driver, its about sending a strong message to all who might not conform to current progressive political mores. How those opposed to mass immigration and multi-culturalism should just shut the hell up, and if you don’t, here’s an example of what will happen to you.

As usual, this onslaught gives scant regard to real freedoms. Such as freedom of expression. And who the hell would ever want to be part of a country where some sanctimonious collection of raw prawns would outlaw their version of bigotry? Just think about the oppression of thought and speech this opens the door to.

I have nothing but contempt for the Progs beating up on Greg Shackleton. They are a fascistic blot upon our society and we need a grass roots rebellion to remove them from power and restore some common sense to the political and social dialogue. As it is now, it is just utterly ridiculous, and a serious threat to our traditional freedoms. We can start by firing the Invercargill Police Chief and Susan Devoy, and shutting down the Human Rights commission. And Greg Shackleton should sue his employers for workplace harassment.

9 thoughts on “Hysterical over-reaction to taxi driver abuse video exposes sickness in NZ society

  1. good post. Mr. Shuttleworth is entitled to his opinion.

    But you know many in NZ are leftist sheep – they want forced tolerance of lots and lots of nonsense in the name of promoting socialism – communism – greenism – leftism (whatever Ism you want to call it)…

    Mr. Shuttleworth’s views will be squashed … free speech be damned if it ‘offends’ someone.

    And what the heck happens when someone is offended anyway?




  2. Thanks for your comments. Looked at your blog. Very good. Shame about Detroit. Chicago can’t be far behind. What do you reckon?

    And you’re right about NZer’s statist mentality. Soon one will only be permitted to express opinions sanctioned by the state, and anything else will get you locked up.


  3. Totally agree. Storm in a tea cup. The government bullies people every day.
    Just a thought. How must it feel to be say, a German visitor, here on Anzac Day. ? Never heard any complaints. They just get on with it like any other sensible person.


  4. In other countries they are much more humane when you upset the regime, they shoot you. In NZ they maim you, with the humiliation of publicity and opportunity to aquire money. No wonder people are scared.


  5. I refuse to cowered by being called a racist, a right-winger or even a white supremacist. The majority of idiots using them have no clue as to what they really are/mean. Certainly telling a man who has judged you by his foreign standards, especially when his countrymen/religious types have made no effort to adapt to your country’s values, to fuck off to where he came from is not racist.


  6. Work in Corrections or Police and you will hear some REAL racist rants, They are just expected to deal with it, but of course when it’s whitey being abused…


    • I don’t think its down to cops in the street, this is management. Like to know a bit more about the cop who said he would investigate Shackleton.


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