Angelina Jolie and rape in war- as detached from reality as every other Progressive loon

Is there anything more insufferable than Hollywood liberals and their arrant narcissism? Their compulsion to suddenly take up “causes”, which coincidentally bring them publicity which just might boost a waning career. Then there was the complete airhead Princess Diana, who degraded the Monarchy enough without turning it into the same kind of cynical squalid Hollywood fraud with her unexploded land mine cause.

Angeline Jolie is on the same kind of bandwagon and calling for “action” to stop rape during times of war. She’s got something to worry about. The story is that every women left in Berlin was raped by Soviet Union soldiers when they invaded the city at the end of WWII.

There is only one thing that will stop rape in war, and that is when good man stand against bad men. Ironic when Hollywood and Jolie’s movie industry have been attacking public morality for decades. But as we have been told so often lately, “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”

Its not Hollywood and its decadence and its self absorbed ‘stars” who will ever do anything to stop rape in times of war. Only soldiers on the ground with the necessary moral fibre will ever do anything for this cause. Hollywood though has never shown much but contempt and derision for this kind of man.

Jolie is in the wrong industry to be bleating about issues that are the outcome of moral depravity, and to me her band wagoneering on the rape in war issue just reeks of hypocritical posturing and cynical publicity seeking.

3 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie and rape in war- as detached from reality as every other Progressive loon

  1. Oh come on, RB, you know that Hollywood has the ability to change the world. They can have a benefit concert and proclaim “rape in war” to be “bad”. They could maybe roll out Bob Geldof and have a ‘Rape Aid’?


  2. It’s sure to be just as effective. Maybe Bono could join in with his pontificating about how we should all give while he continues to evade his tax responsibilities. The word “hypocrite” was invented for these so-called celebrities.


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