Does John Key endorse Greg Shackleton's opinion?

John Key speaking this morning in defense of the GCSB bill–

“In New Zealand there are people who’ve been trained for al Qaeda camps who operate out of New Zealand, who are in contact with people overseas, who have gone off to Yemen and other countries to train… I’m sorry, but that’s the real world,…

“..if people don’t believe there’s the odd person in New Zealand who presents a potential threat, either on the international stage or in New Zealand, unfortunately they’re wrong….”

“…People like this were why the new GCSB law was needed.”

Wow, its not exactly what Greg Shackleton said but its getting close. Lucky he wasn’t in Invercargill when he said it, or the local Stalinist Bluecaps would be coming after him.

(Hat tip to Mawm)

8 thoughts on “Does John Key endorse Greg Shackleton's opinion?

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  2. Red, I think this could be a game changer for Key. I don’t know why, but I think this one is going to stick to the slimeball; people don’t like big brother. BTW, you seem to be getting really spammed tonight.


  3. It would be interesting to know why that driver came to NZ.Was he a refugee or what.?
    I too sense this is going to be a gamechanger. Was hard to stomach last night buy forced myself to watch the programme on Clarke and her reign and how she also reached that turning point.The nanny state term started to stick and so on to her demise .


  4. John, not much sticks to grease, but I think this one will; there is only so much nanny state people will take and Key seems to have over taken Clark now. So if this really is the game changer, we will now be faced with Labour and Greenie nanny staters. And I doubt they will repeal this spy law. It is a lose lose situation for us which ever way this turns out.


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