Whaleoil repeats left wing criticism of FOX news- just another hopeless Progessive

Man, I get so sick of those posturing nitwits at the Whaleoil blog representing themselves as “right wing”.

Recently leftmedia carried out a widespread attack on FOX news with a series of articles denigrating presenter Lauren Green for an interview with Muslim author Resa Azlan. These articles were of course picked up by the gormless far left Fairfax news outlets in NZ, and then enthusiastically repeated by the knuckle dragging progs over at Whaleoil.

Today the drooling idiots compounded that error by running a cartoon on the issue sourced from the extreme left Media Matters.

A bit of objective analysis would have exposed leftmedia’s attacks on FOX and Lauren Green as politically motivated bull, but you don’t get much of that ever from progs, and those at Whaleoil are no different.

Brent Bozell at GOPUSA has a full rebuttal of left medias incredibly biased articles here. Its what Whaleoil should have been saying instead of running with the baying left media hounds.

Whaleoil claims to be foundation member of the so called Vast Right wing Conspiracy, but this latest buffoonery shows that the right wing in NZ is in reality far left by any normal standards. Especially when they sprint to repeat cowardly left wing media smears so gullibly. Media Matters. FFS.. Completely clueless.

Video of Bozell’s defence of FOX and Lauren Green here.

9 thoughts on “Whaleoil repeats left wing criticism of FOX news- just another hopeless Progessive

  1. The video has been removed by the user. It doesn’t even let you know who originally posted it on you-tube (see thislink). Not that that matters, I’ll find it some other way …


  2. Just seen the whole interview here:

    Don’t know what all the fuss is about; her interview was fine. I did note he was a PHD, so he said about 20 or 30 times. A Muslim titles a book about Jesus ‘Zealot’ and expects not to be questioned on that?
    Note: The 14 things link didn’t work for me.


  3. There appears to be a genetic component to help explain this sort of behavior.

    Would you be surprised to find French ancestry in Cameron Slater?


  4. Liberal re-reading of history (read: substituting speculation for actual history) seems to intersect with the Islamic denials of Christian beliefs about the historical life of Jesus. Muslims deny Jesus died because of a single verse in the Koran, which is so ambiguous Muslims have been debating what actually happened, for centuries. Then, they pick and choose from the Gospels as to what Jesus really said, did, and taught; and even though they don’t believe what Christians believe, they deny that a text that they don’t believe in teaches what Christians believe–it teaches what *Muslims* believe! It’s just amazing. It’s like denying Marxism and then claiming the Communist Manifesto doesn’t teach what Marxists believe: it’s really got a lot to do with free markets. They’re so devoted to denying Christianity that they invent redundant ways to do it.

    Good article on this book.

    A good website on Islam-related issues in general:


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