Andrea Vance vomit alert- “media’s true role as an independent watchdog”

News-of-the-World-Nazi-Hooker-OrgyLittle Andrea of Fairfax fame (and ex-News of The World scandal mongerer) gets her panties all twisted this morning in her column in the Dominion Post where she explains she’s angry about what happened to her as a result of her engagement with Peter Dumme, where she was according to Dumme, trying to gain unauthorised access to a confidential government document.

Andy is affronted because she believes strongly in “press freedom”. This must be where journalists write stories reeking of left wing bias (see the article subject of the post immediately below) and promote the left wing progressive viewpoint above all others.

I guess it was another example of “press freedom” when Andy and all her mates pushed the “Marriage Equality Act”, when its real title was the Marriage Redefinition Act, and called everyone opposed an intolerant bigot.

Another example is their advocacy for the fraud of anthropogenic Global Warming, and the ridiculing of anyone who opposed their view.

Another example- their hatred and contempt for George Bush, and their continued attacks on Bush for eight years while they have subsequently fawned over Brokeback Obama and declined to print anything critical about (for only one example) such events as his role in the murder and destruction at the Benghazi embassy.

Now we’re getting softened up for Hillary Clinton as the next US president, and Andy and her mates will fawn over her with nothing like the microscopic examinations they carried out on Sarah Palin during their cowardly destruction of a good woman and mother’s name and political career.

Andrea Vance and her clique of progandising Progressives posing as journalists have over the last few decades brought the craft of journalism into utter disrepute, and really it makes me want to vomit to read her pathetic protestations in her column this morning. where she makes the ridiculous claim that they are “independent watchdogs.”

They are the lapdogs of socialism, and they have cheered for a huge powerful state for decades, and have never given opposing views a modicum of respect and now they complain?? Vance and her clique of pretenders fill me with utter contempt for their shallow posturing, and their hypocrisy but most of all their complete dereliction of duty when it comes to “investigating” anything originating from the left of the political spectrum.

If she’s angry, I’m glad. Damn glad.

Btw Andy, you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. There are plenty of other jobs out there where you’ll get much more respect. Telephone marketing for example.

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  1. Why even waste your time reading her/their loony leftwing crap? It’s not journalism and it’s usually untruthful/severely biased and contributes absolutely nothing to any discussion on any subject. In fact her garbage wouldn’t even find itself torn into little squares in the outhouse.


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