NZ- A Nation of Political Schizophrenics

Recently I’ve been fighting some pretty dogmatic types across the blogosphere and I am appalled at how inconsistent some of their views are.

For example a few weeks ago I’m tussling with someone who hates Kim Dotcom. Who thinks he’s a big fat German bastard who should be handed over to Brokeback Obama’s CIA and taken back to the USA for trial. Apparently his physical shape and where he was born override his right to justice.

So this person I’m tussling with was a lefty right? No way. A National Party supporter. From what I can gather its the left who are calling for justice to take its course.

Not so far back I’m arguing over funding for the America’s cup. I say without a doubt the cup racing brings benefits to NZ, and if the racing was held here next it would boost the economy. I don’t argue about those outcomes.

My POV is that if the cup brings benefit to certain sectors of the NZ commercial spectrum, then they should fund it. Not the taxpayer. If ever there was expenditure outside the realm of govt it is money spent on a boat race for billionaires.

So who am I having this argument with? Another National party supporter of course. Who is ecstatic the govt spent the money and wants to spend more next cup. Strangely, once again it seems as if the left oppose it. When it was Labour party stalwart Trevor Mallard who originally donated the $30 million.

Why are we in this Alice in Wonderland looking glass world? One real reason. The dysfunctional state of the National party under the unprincipled compromiser John Key.

National have so completely failed to chart a firm course, and are so confused about what they are this confusion has trickled down into the population and there is no real political position to be taken anymore. The election is a contest of “likeability”.

Who do you like the best? John Key or David Cunliffe? An absolutely farcical situation that has come about because of National’s complete betrayal of its founding principles and its steady drift to the left. A drift that has accelerated under the arch betrayal, incoherence and political inarticulateness of John Key. A situation made all the more stark by the conviction shown by Tony Abbot as Australian PM.

Labour had their ABC group. (Anyone But Cunliffe) We need an ABN group, and the firm commitment to never vote for National again until Key and his collection of betrayers has gone. Better to die relatively quickly at the hands of Labour than death by a thousand cuts at the hands of John Key’s National Socialist Party.

One thought on “NZ- A Nation of Political Schizophrenics

  1. I most hate Key and National for their ugly appeasement of part-horis and their ugly crawling to them: the continuation of special policies and legislation which is race-based and the continuation of so-called treaty settlements. Some of the special race-based garbage applies to Pacific Islanders too.


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