John Banks- I am so sick of the fake right wing of NZ politics

I once had some regard for John Banks. Listened to him on radio and thought he was OK. A bit wet, but someone who was a positive influence.

I’ve got nothing much more than contempt for him today, given he backed up on everything he said he believed in. One expects politicians to make some compromises, but Banks portrayed himself as a Christian Conservative for so long and then rode into Wellington as a wet liberal and voted with a gang of far left progressives to alter the definition of traditional marriage.

There couldn’t be much more of a betrayal.

Key and National are bad enough, going back on almost everything they said concerned them before they were elected. See “Read this before you vote for John Key again- fool me once.”

But Banks has really cornered the market on cynical self promotion at the expense of principle. His claims to not remember his meetings with Kim Dotcom, when he flew in in a helicopter are just so transparent as to indicate he takes NZ for a collection of fools.

Banks could go down or he could get off. Either way I just want him out of politics.

Kim Dotcom said of Banks – “Today I know he’s just a talker, like most politicians, who will tell you what you want to hear to get your vote or financial support. I have never made a political donation before, I regret the one I made for sure.”

Damn right. But Banks is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s hardly a politician who claims to oppose Labour who stands up for anything worthwhile. If Banks is convicted it could initiate a snap election.

Good. I say its an opportunity to throw the lot of ’em out on the so called right and start all over again.

5 thoughts on “John Banks- I am so sick of the fake right wing of NZ politics

  1. Yeah, Red, Banks has gone, but most career politicians do the same–Banks put his gay hat on as soon as he joined ACT–at the end of the day they all seem to sell out for an income and possibly notoriety.

    Even Brash did the same when he took over ACT–he put his progressive dope smoking hat on.


  2. The Epsom voters will not forget his betrayal of family values they thought he stood for. I have yet to meet one who has anything good to say about him.


  3. True mawm, as an Epsom voter I do indeed feel betrayed over Banks’ about-face on homosexual marriage. I genuinely didn’t expect that of him, or of John Key for that matter. Much as I dislike the thought, Redbaiter may well be right in suggesting that it might be better in the long run for National to go under sooner rather than later.


  4. Key has distanced himself from this event, which is probably wise, but I was disappointed he didn’t make reference to Brown’s infidelity. Apparently that transgression is completely acceptable today, while cigarette smoking (for example) is horrifying.

    Brown has betrayed his wife and family and his closest friends and allies. Surely this is worth a remark from Key as relates to any thoughts the voters might have in respect of his fidelity to them and any promises he may make.

    Apparently not.


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