Clear political direction should take precedence over cheap scandal mongering

The right doesn’t need sleaze. It is my view that the Republicans were wrong to pursue Bill Clinton over Lewinsky and the National Party faction that is pursuing Auckland Mayor Len Brown for similar adulterous behaviour is making the same mistake.

The whole ghastly scenario has left me totally unimpressed and one of the main reasons for this is that in the end, its actually more damaging to the right than it is to the left.

Why? Well, for one thing it lowers the political bar right across the spectrum. It’s all well and good for a few on the right to be gloating smugly but keep in mind the day is coming when the same thing will happen for a National Party politician and Whale Oil blogger Cam Slater’s antics will now ensure that when it does, the left will give it the same force. The perceived right in NZ will have no means to complain without being judged as hypocrites.

Secondly, what is gained? Its not news that Len Brown is an amoral liar and a cheat who betrayed his marriage vows and treats such principles as fidelity with utter contempt. He’s a Progressive for God’s sake, and what right winger doesn’t already know that Progs have a completely screwed moral compass?

Auckland has remained unimpressed by the scandal. If the election was carried out again, with the same participants as before, Brown would probably still win. That he is an adulterer is not the problem. The problem is the prevailing perceptions not only afoot in NZ’s biggest city but right across the country and the whole of the West. Those perceptions are what the right needs to defeat and we won’t do that by wrestling in the mud with pigs.

As the global left’s struggle for political ascendancy intensifies, the battle lines have become clearer. The primary division is between the Progressives and The Conservatives. There are subsets to these main groups but when the Generals are finally nominated for the battle against leftist Armageddon, they will fight under the Conservative flag and the enemy will fight under the Progressive flag.

Sideshows like the Brown affair and the Lewinsky affair are a distraction. The right are losing because there are very few of their leaders are out there articulating a political philosophy that directly confronts Progressivism. The enormous amount of effort wasted on pursuits that are unproductive has to be put into a strategy that delivers real long term objectives.

We’re getting hints about what the strategy must be every day. Its clear that the current leaders of the anti-Progressive forces right across the West are currently too politically confused to deliver victory. In most Western countries, successive governments are elected in a political paradigm of stifling liberal orthodoxy that has to be dissolved.

The first priority therefore has to be the replacement of most if not all of the current leaders in the West who claim they are opposing leftism. If today’s political situation could be likened to the D-day invasion then the Progressives still hold all of the beach heads and we are still trying to make it out of the water. Our Generals would have been court martialled for cowardice and for collaborating with the enemy.

We have to have a new vanguard. That vanguard doesn’t involve any of our current leadership (assumed or appointed) and it sure as hell doesn’t involve those who peddle sleaze. We need fresh blood in our command tent, and when they come we have to support them much more ardently than we have in the past. Its means fighting.

For example there should be no capitulation over Ted Cruz as there was over Sarah Palin. We must know the enemy by now, so why can’t we defeat them? With determination and courage and by focusing on what is important we will win. And let’s not be distracted by unproductive Progressive circuses.

9 thoughts on “Clear political direction should take precedence over cheap scandal mongering

  1. Brown would probably still win

    NZ’s elections are decided in South Auckland. If Christians stay home or vote for someone else Len will lose and Cuntliffe will lose. If South Auckland Christians vote Labour, Labour wins.

    We are fighting a war. There is no Geneva convention fighting communism! There wasn’t in 1945, or 1955, or 1965 or 1975 or 2001 – and there isn’t now. We must fight by any means necessary – and use any and every tactic to defeat and destroy progressives whenever and wherever we have the opportunity.

    Slater has already destroyed Shearer and will destroy Brown, and Cunliffe, and Robertson, and whoever else comes next. He doesn’t need “friendly fire” from you.


  2. Your comment seems to presuppose Slater is a fellow Tory. Given he is a National apologist one can only assume he is another soft centrist like everyone else in the National Party. So on that basis I hardly think this post is friendly fire.


  3. Great commentary again Red.
    We need to fight them head on.

    Angry Tory?
    Slater destroyed Shearer?? Slater needs to fight for principles not be subsumed by the sleaze and debased that will suit the progressives.


  4. Redbaiter is correct. If you can’t defeat the progs on ideological grounds then you won’t defeat them because it doesn’t matter how many fall to tawdry scandal, another one will quickly fill their place. Nowhere in the Len Brown scandal has the merits of Conservatism been advanced. Slater and co have not only damaged Len Brown but has equally damaged the opposing faction of Palino, et al.


  5. Sorry for the delay in approving your comments guys. Its only the first comment that needs approval. After that they will come through as soon as they are posted.


  6. Nowhere in the Len Brown scandal has the merits of Conservatism been advanced.

    Exactly right. Shame is regardless of what he does or says, it won’t be advanced by Slater because like most Progs he’s got no idea what it is. As Nick says, Slater is a soft centrist who identified himself clearly enough when he cheered endlessly for traditional marriage to be redefined by big government- voting on a bill brought to parliament by a far left zealot from the Labour Party.



  7. To The Conservative-

    So sorry to have accidentally deleted your comment John. Somehow it got mixed up in one of my spam clean outs. Thank you for reproducing my post on your blog. I know we differ on small issues but are generally of the same heart. Your blog is one of the finest we have and I read it regularly. Thanks again for your support.

    To Lucia-

    Terribly sorry but your excellent comment got tangled in the same spam cleanout. I agree entirely with what you said, in that the left has deliberately engineered social attitudes that mean politicians and others are excused the moral standards of behaviour that were once an essential requirement of public office.

    But we know that. Our problem is not so much what the left do. We know well enough what they are. The problem is the right and that those who claim to represent this political sector do nothing to wind back the social influences of the left. In fact they’re too often as keen as mustard to carry out the left’s work for them.

    The Nats, the UK Conservatives, the Australian Liberals and the US Republicans all suffer from this same sickness, and it is the reason why there has to be serious changes within all of those parties.


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