Is John Key the Worst PM National Have Ever Produced?

When he was elected I thought John Key would grasp the opportunity to communicate a set of different political ideas to the voters. He hasn’t. In fact he’s done worse. He’s dragged us backwards. He’s allowed the country to be enshrouded even more in the long grey cloud of Progressivism.

He’s played a political hand for sure. Not a hand that changes NZ’s political position, but one that has made Key popular. Key has never faced up to the task of drawing this country out of the socialist swamp. He’s made himself popular, and with political perceptions as thin as plastic wrapper, he’s dragged NZ into a political vacuum that has done nothing to reduce the left’s long term advantage.

So we have a legion of John Key devotees who swoon over this hollow man as he takes them nowhere but back into a left wing ambush.

After so long under the thumb of Helen Clark and her extreme left colleagues, NZers badly needed to hear some fresh political rhetoric. I didn’t expect Key to be Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan, but I expected him to at least try. Instead we just got populist waffle while the left regroup and prepare to take power again.

In fact I haven’t observed anyone in National doing much to try and alter NZ’s widespread leftist political psyche. This is I suspect because of Key’s weak as water leadership. There is definitely a force at work, but its found in the blogosphere, and in social media. People making an effort there have been betrayed by Key and National and their weakness.

I was prompted to write today because I read Key’s lame populist justification for endorsing the Labour Party’s attack on traditional marriage by means of the communist Louisa Wall’s Marriage Redefinition Act.

“I happen to think that New Zealand is a country which is open minded and it should look at people and judge them on their ability and what they bring to the community and the society, not on their sexual preferences,”

This is such a facile POV on what was such an important issue it convinced me once and for all that Key has to go because he just does not get it. Not only on social issues but on a commercial level as well.

Contrary to popular perceptions, he’s no business man. He’s never been at the coalface employing people and responsible for their wage packet every Thursday. He was merely a successful money trader in a large banking conglomerate.

He’s no deep thinker, as his statement above shows. He’s just your typical Progressive urban liberal without a damn clue. Easy meat for the plotting cunning lying duplicitous amoral Marxist bastards whose long term objective is to enslave us all for ever.

And if you’re still not convinced, have a look at what the political novice Colin Craig says-

“we’re conservative versus liberal.”

That’s right. That is exactly where the battle is. (Except Progressive is a more apt term than liberal.) Craig has only been in the game a few years and he gets it. Key has been in the Nats for 8 years or more and he’s still stumbling around in the dark politically.

Key may be popular, but if there’s no message to go with that support, then it is useless and pointless and an opportunity completely wasted. Key has to go, because as a political force he is weaker than weak.

To answer the title question, I don’t know if Key is the worst Nat PM ever, but he sure as hell is the worst in my political time.

21 thoughts on “Is John Key the Worst PM National Have Ever Produced?

    • If this was Aus, he’d be in jail thanks to an independent commission against corruption.
      If this was the UK, he’d be thrown out by the minster for Local Government
      If this was the US, he’d have been thrown out by a recall election
      If this was China, he’d have been shot.


  1. I’m not very interested in trying to bring politicians down by scandal.

    My intent is to change the political culture, not bring down losers voted in by idiots.

    Until politicians start articulating a clear Conservative message, in my opinion NZ will just keep collapsing into the progressive sewer.


  2. “That’s right. That is exactly where the battle is. (Except Progressive is a more apt term than liberal.) However Craig has only been in the game a few years and he gets it. Key has been in the Nats for 8 years or more and he’s still stumbling around in the dark politically.”

    And, Red, I think Craig is really starting to get it; he makes a few mistakes here and there but he is improving by the day.

    Not, like Key; he floats with the wind. Just a week ago he said the Roast Busters’ guys ‘should grow up’ and a week later he’s calling for rape-prevention education to appease the feminist progressive left; from implying those rapists were merely immature boys to now schools requiring rape education within a week–unbelievable.


  3. Good take by Craig, because that’s the crux of the deal – it’s conservatives vs progressives. All of these “liberal right” “social democrat” “libertarian” postures are utter nonsense.

    Gee, you get a lot of vitriol from the “liberal Right” at Kiwiblog don’t you Red ? I’ve lurked at Kiwiblog for years and have never seen such coordinated attacks on you from the self-declared far Left.

    It’s the “liberal Right” who I despise the most – too stupid to fathom the subliminal cultural Marxism they have been inculcated with – they have been sold on the idea that sexual libertinism and hard drugs constitutes liberty – i.e. corruption disguised as freedom.


    • Yes, the attacks on Kiwiblog are intense for sure, but they’re mostly troll cowards of no importance. Reminds me of when I first started attacking the left years ago, and is a good reminder of how the real enemies of our civil society are the Progressives. No matter what side of the political spectrum they profess themselves to be on, left or right, they’re all cut from the same cloth.


  4. Have been saying to people for a while that Key is NOT a businessman.He’s a money trader, a wheeler dealer.
    That’s why his trade offs with the likes of the Racist Party are like a game to him.He has no principles and doesn’t understand the real consequences of his actions.


  5. Yessss! Key is most certainly not a business-man. He has never operated a business. He went from running a trading desk to running the NY Fed Reserve. He’s never had to worry about making payroll, never generated a single cent of real wealth for the productive economy.

    And in fact, his lack of principles is – I think – even worse than what you’ve highlighted, Red. For all her faults, Helen Clark was at least, as Cunliffe said ‘Light Blue’. She went out of her way to hide her membership in Socialist International and tried to give the appearance of being a centrist (refusing to do deals with the Apartheid Party, for example). Key’s spinelessness has emboldened Cunliffe to the point where he is now proudly saying at the CTU Conference that he will direct Labour back to being a true Red party, and where he unashamedly says on national television that the fundamental tenets and founding principles of the Labour Party are unfiltered, unadulterated Soviet-style Marxism! If Key had any spine or guts at all, Cunliffe would never be so bold.

    As it stands, it looks like our next government will be led by a couple of unreconstructed Marxists in Cunliffe and Red Russel Norman.


    • “Key’s spinelessness has emboldened Cunliffe to the point where he is now proudly saying at the CTU Conference that he will direct Labour back to being a true Red party,”

      Yes Gannt, you’re right. It is that Key has shown himself completely incapable of defending against the left that has allowed Cunliffe to travel even further left without condemnation from an electorate that just is not hearing any alternative ideas.


  6. All the ones that I know about have been bad for NZ; Key’s particularly bad for his traitorous continuation of the maorification of the country.


    • Hellen Klark called ’em “haters and wreckers” and sent in the STG with orders to stamp out Tuhoe Terrorism. Vidkun Key called ’em “coalition partners”, put their flag on the harbour bridge, let ’em out of prison, and paid Tuhoe $200 Million, and gave them the National park.


  7. .

    “We have a simple thesis,” Eisman explained. “There is going to be a calamity, and whenever there is a calamity, Merrill is there.” When it came time to bankrupt Orange County with bad advice, Merrill was there. When the internet went bust, Merrill was there. Way back in the 1980s, when the first bond trader was let off his leash and lost hundreds of millions of dollars, Merrill was there to take the hit. That was Eisman’s logic—the logic of Wall Street’s pecking order. Goldman Sachs was the big kid who ran the games in this neighborhood. Merrill Lynch was the little fat kid assigned the least pleasant roles, just happy to be a part of things. The game, as Eisman saw it, was Crack the Whip. He assumed Merrill Lynch had taken its assigned place at the end of the chain.

    Consider that statement very carefully…….Key worked for them for 6 years,it makes you wonder how much of that mentality has been ingrained in his thought processes.


  8. “He’s just your typical Progressive urban liberal without a damn clue.”
    Says it all, really.
    And the fact that he’s nevertheless so popular says it all about the Kiwi voters.


    • Yep, Key and the Nats have completely failed to articulate any alternative ideas. That’s because they’re mostly damn left wing progs anyway, and they just don’t have any different ideas.


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