Stark Hypocrisy From The Prog Blog Whaleoil

“I’ve had enough. I’m sick of it. It’s time it was called out for what it is. . . Bigotry.

They can’t seem to discuss, like grown ups, the differences that people share. It seems that it’s their way or no way.

I find it ironic that the left use the ”bigot” label freely on anyone who disagrees their view on life.”

I don’t think anyone who opposed Louisa Wall and the Labour Party’s Marriage Redefinition Act could read the above quotes from a post on the Whaleoil blog without gagging at the hypocrisy.

Cameron Slater is typical of the Progressives who have taken the National Party far from its roots, and this being so, he’s more the cousin of the left rather than its opposition. Today all the Nats and Labour need to do is come to an agreement on how much they should each tax and spend, and there would no longer be any real discernible difference between them.

The National Party’s Conservative heart has been replaced by a Progressive heart, and its the same heart that beats inside the Labour Party, which is why when you criticise National’s prog faction from a Conservative perspective, they react just as the far left do when they’re criticised by the so called right. They call you a bigot.

After Whale Oil incessantly labeled as bigots anyone who opposed the Marriage Redefinition Act, to publish this post was an example of such rank blindness and lack of self awareness it suggests there’s something seriously amiss somewhere in someone’s head.

8 thoughts on “Stark Hypocrisy From The Prog Blog Whaleoil

  1. If “progressives” have a single defining feature, it’s their hypocrisy. Slater is merely being a good little Proggie.


  2. “Smarmy army” is perfect.
    They daren’t twig to it, otherwise their feelings-over-facts worldview would collapse.
    And feelings are so much easier and more satisfying than facts, non?


  3. I like this line he posted about Len Brown a week or so ago:

    “The man, if you can call him that, lacks nobility, honesty and decency.”

    He seems to have a little fanboy troop over there who hang off his every word – “Oh go Cam, you’re so brave”

    I notice that there are a couple of bozos who now “contribute” to the site by posting endless screeds of witless, pointless youtube videos. Anything to up the hit rate I suppose.


  4. Talking of fanboys, is there a worse crawling sycophantic snake than his “moderator” Petal/ Pete who can’t even decide if he’s male or female, and published smears against myself without a shred of evidence. How come Slater doesn’t care about the “nobility honesty and decency” of the people who work at Whaleoil?


  5. Good take by Craig, because that’s the crux of the deal – it’s conservatives vs progressives. All of these “liberal right” “social democrat” “libertarian” postures are utter nonsense.

    Gee, you get a lot of vitriol from the “liberal Right” at Kiwiblog don’t you Red ? I’ve lurked at Kiwiblog for years and have never seen such coordinated attacks on you from the self-declared far Left.

    It’s the “liberal Right” who I despise the most – too stupid to fathom the subliminal cultural Marxism they have been inculcated with – they have been sold on the idea that sexual libertinism and hard drugs constitutes liberty – i.e. corruption disguised as freedom.


  6. Agreed. John Key is a spineless leftist who lets liberals set his agenda for him. Now that he has abandoned the conservative vote by legalising sodomy marriage I will be voting for Colin Craig. Time to bring some balance into NZ politics. Sick of all this socialist liberal nonsense.


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