The Rot at the Core of National

ScreenShot006The Conservative Party is beginning to shake up the NZ political scene. Even with the massive force of the Lab/Nat revolving door coalition against it, it is gaining traction among NZers fed up with the country’s slow subsidence into the progressive swamp.

With NZ’s monolithic and totalitarian political and cultural structure driven mostly by inner city “liberals” it will be difficult for the Conservatives to attract support comparable to the two main parties, but once they make it into parliament, that might change.

As for National, towards the end of this week we were reminded of just how far this party has fallen and just how impotent it is in combating the scourge of the Progressives and their Gramscian cultural offensive. In a post entitled “The Future of National is in Good Hands”, Cameron Slater’s Whaleoil blog cheered on a display of appalling infantile ignorance. From the leader of the Young Nationals.

The exchange on twitter is in the screen capture below. This is what Slater and many of the National Party think the future should be. If that is so, then there are only a couple of outcomes. The National Party changes or its core supporters desert it and vote Conservative. National’s decay is now so apparent that it no longer matters what policies Craig embraces, the important issue is to send a message to the National Party.

They must be made to understand that while such Progressives as Brittany are loud and aggressive, they do not have as much support as they would believe. There are many traditional NZers out there determined not to be suffocated under the totalitarian blanket of what these shallow inner city idiots perceive as “liberalism”. I think there are many who like myself hold these infantile graduates from the temples of progressivism (once our universities) to be a modern version of the Hitler Jugend.

Half educated manipulated fools, victims of leftist academics preying on our young, and who whether perceiving themselves as left or right, Labour or National, all think basically the same and are never going to deliver a government that values what Conservatives value.

Progs live in a bubble and have little knowledge of lives and attitudes outside that bubble. I assert again that there are a large number of NZers out there who despise Progressive culture. That the National Party refuses to acknowledge this fact means it deserves to eventually fall.



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3 thoughts on “The Rot at the Core of National

  1. The future of where NZ goes idealogy wise will be based upon what National does or doesn’t do with it’s rising tax revenue:

    Too much paying down debt will see the ‘inequailty’ arguements and everything relating to them forever in the MSM. Labour will eventually win from that and National will again be competing on the same term at each election: More Socialism.
    That future is one of ‘more of the same’ – lowest common denominator standards being imposed throughout the economy in the name of ‘fairness’. And that then eventually leads to more intrusion by the government to ‘help lift national outcomes’; totalitarinism hiding behind a slogan. More of the same. Again and again. The rot does have to be stopped.

    However by spending a proportion of it’s budget on ‘the people’, and taking them in the direction needed for NZ’s future welfare is what will help implement conservative values upon the public at large; personal responsability leading to appropriate levels of behaviour; caring about yourself and your family.

    Better education for an ‘individual child’ will always be best practise, and that can only ever be done when parents have a bigger say in what ‘their child requires’ as any one school class has both children with ability and those without it. An individual teacher cannot cater to both, ever.

    By increasing the WFF payments to include a school voucher will take the people in a conservative direction. They get to then be responsable for the direction of their child in life – not the National/Labour Teacher’s Union – something that National always tolerates. In the future vouchers can then be reduced by way of income levels. By adding an extra $1000 to the voucher for the school, and another $1000 for the parents to buy tablets ect is a very good incentive to take the people with you – more so at election time.

    This move alone to take children out of the hands of the National/Labour socialist monoloth will be the biggest return of freedom to NZers since the introduction of government – some 200yrs ago. The rot will cease immediatly.

    It’s something Colin Craig should look at – because nothing else will ever be done with the progs teaching 92% of the kids.


  2. If these airheads are gehuinely representative of “Young National”, then things are much more dire than I had thought.


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