NZ’s Anti-democratic Mainstream Media

Bias editedNot all of the media are pain in the arse liberals/ progressives, but those that are not are conspicuous by their rarity. Does this matter? It does in the political sense, for NZ will never have a truly pluralistic democracy while a force as powerful as the mainstream media strives to almost completely control NZ’s political debate.

It is matter of record that journalists vote overwhelmingly for left wing governments. In Australia and the US, surveys have shown that around 70-90% of journalists favour left wing or “green” political groups. (My guess is its worse in NZ) These journalists will claim that it does not matter who they vote for. That when they report or write their opinion pieces, they are professional and try to provide the public with a responsible viewpoint.

The problem with this theory is that a mechanic can’t give readers a meaningful appraisal of the latest range of aeronautical jet engines. A liberal journalist will never ever have any kind of full understanding of Conservatism. So no matter how they try, the can’t do the issue justice.

NZ’s mainstream political journalists are almost without exception Progressive. Now, I’ve got no real beef with those who do actually try not to let their prejudices interfere with their work. Its the sneering smug deliberately destructive progs who set out to destroy anyone they do not agree with politically who annoy me. And there are too many of the latter and too few of the former.

These bigoted arrogant and ignorant would be cultural totalitarians stand in the watch towers and shoot down anyone trying to introduce political views they don’t approve of. They crucified Don Brash, and now they’re about to do the same to Colin Craig. The mainstream press had at least four attack pieces this Sunday on the Conservative Party. I don’t watch much TV or listen to the radio, but I’d guess there have been as many hits on Craig in those outlets this weekend as in print. There is clearly a media campaign out there to denigrate Colin Craig and make him as unpopular as possible.

For democracy to function it is imperative that the voters be informed. We’re already struggling in that respect thanks to a dysfunctional education system that is basically a course in the cult of environmentalism and its cousin cultural Marxism. The young are woefully mislead in political matters.

Capping this repugnant perversion is a mainstream media that is so completely and hopelessly biased to the Progressive left it is as dysfunctional as the education system, and therefore a serious brake on NZ’s democracy. Controlled by inner city progressives, TV One, TV3 , Radio NZ, the NZ Herald and the Dominion Post are wall to wall left wing. Not a Conservative to be seen. A political and cultural desert as far as Conservatism goes.

These institutions are a disgraceful blot on democracy. There is only one way to fix it. They must go broke. I urge anyone reading this opinion who might agree with it to join me in never spending one dollar on a newspaper or an advertisement in a newspaper or on television or radio. Until they yield and allow the diversity they claim to worship elsewhere to occur within the political sector of their own ranks. Which is probably going to be never, for if my discussions with these people to date are anything to go by they’d rather go broke than forsake their devotion to cultural and political totalitarianism.

So be it. For the sake of democracy, our mainstream media has to be bankrupted.

7 thoughts on “NZ’s Anti-democratic Mainstream Media

  1. Hah! Graeme Edgeler over at Public Address just wrote a piece saying how anti-democratic it was to call for boycotts on news media sources by threatening advertisers, and equally, that advertisers should stump up money and not pay heed to the content otherwise they might influence the content.

    I disagreed with that idea. Now I know why.


    • Well, the problem with John Tamihere and Wilie Jackson is they’re more old style left than Progressives, therefore they had little support in the industry. They were jumped on by the Cultural Police and I understand Mr Edgeler’s opposition, but the real problem is the fear and cowardice of advertisers.

      The prog media and their friends have convinced most businesses that they speak for all NZ, when really media are living in a prog bubble and are inner city cultural elitists/ govt class completely out of touch with a large sector of the populace.


      • Yeah, I agree there. I also could see Graeme’s point, and how the progressives and PC crowds like to talk about freedom of speech, but when it suits them, they are happy to switch to “not freedom of consequences” and that would be fine if they actually also applied it evenly across the board, but they don’t.

        The fear the media try to whip up against Christians borders on the pathological.


  2. “There is clearly a media campaign out there to denigrate Colin Craig and make him as unpopular as possible.”

    I totally agree, Redbaiter, but Craig is his own worst enemy sometimes. I understand that he needs as much media exposure as he can get, but he’s got to realise every time they ask him on any TV show their intention is to make him appear non-credible in some way. And the only way to counter that is to be clear with his political convictions; he needs to come across convincingly as a conservative, and that’s the problem—he often doesn’t.

    On many issues Craig comes across as a conservative and on others he doesn’t and that’s his problem—that’s not a conservative problem; that’s a Craig problem.

    He has got to realise he can only be conservative and nothing else as people pick up on that, and see him as just another John Key/David Cameron. A person with genuine conservative convictions, can easily counter the progs.


    • Yes, Terry, you’re quite correct in that Craig is not exactly his own best friend. However we need to be careful not to expect too much from someone who is pretty much a political neophyte. He does need to look into Conservatism a bit more. I hope he’s not using David Cameron’s lot as his model.

      Whatever, I think he is still the only real option if you want to send National the message that you have had enough of their social liberalism and their drift away from their founding principles.

      Say you took Craig’s list of “policies” as outlined in the Sunday Red Star Times, and applied the same tests on consistency to the National Party. My guess is the Nats would be three times as bad as Craig.

      Its OK to say Craig is not consistently Conservative, but he is a small party looking for a foothold in a country that is a progressive swamp. It is this way because the Nats have failed completely in their mission. With all of their resources and their money and their influence, they have been like putty in the left’s hands.

      So its OK to say Craig has to measure up, but don’t forget his job has been made so much harder by the complete surrender of National.

      I tend to cut Craig a bit of slack given the Nat’s utter incompetence. We can’t expect a new party with stuff all in the way of resources to come in and turn the country around. Its the Nats who should be taking on that task.


  3. Colin is doing O.K.

    His aim is to get into parliment. His game is to just keep chipping away and get between 5-10% of the party vote – and his seat.
    Key’s game is to win the election. Colin knows that being in government under Key is best. And second best is under a Labour government. There is no point in Colin trying to get more votes than that at the next election[mostly from National] but ending up with a Labour government due to swinging voters being scared off by a ‘surging conservative movement’ under National. It just sets things back 3 or more years.

    The MSM simply don’t want the likes of Colin Craig in parliment giving speeches and asking questions where the social liberals have to defend themselves on matters of children&pornography, females being victims of pornography, poor sex education, increasing sexual disease, teenage pregnacy, abortion, rape, homosexual health costs, youth suicide, ect. as parents will demand a crackdown on porn, sex education, and homosexual ‘acceptance’.


  4. Watching satellite TV is a good option, Russia Today and Al Jazeera are excellent channels. Unfortunately, if you want national news you’re forced to rely on NZ media. This is why everybody should buy a video camera and web hosting, and make their own news.


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