Nigel Farage Does The Alleged Impossible

nigel_farageSo more time has gone by and the West continues its incremental slide into the stinking degrading swamp of Progressivism, and I’m told by many in NZ that there’s nothing to be done about it.

Take John Key for example. I’m told that even if he possessed the necessary conviction, and intelligence, and ideas, he still couldn’t change things because its the system you know. If he ever started to say the things that should be said, he’d lose votes and Labour would be in office and we’d be worse off.

The same thing goes for all Western leaders. Tony Abbot in Australia has to walk on eggshells. His halting speech and his abject terror of “offending” is painful to endure. In the US, all the Republican Party can come up with is yet another of the Bush family, and that would make three of that family who have failed miserably to turn things around.

I know, we’re in the grip of the political class, and apparently there’s nothing we can do so we just have to play along and do what we can. Meaning most parties who once stood against Progressivism are now pretty much welded to it and /or merely seat warming until they are tossed out and the extreme left resumes its rightful seat of power.

To those who subscribe to the above thinking patterns, let me ask you one question. What about Nigel Farage?

In April 2006 David Cameron described UKIP members as being “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists, mostly.” The year before they had won only 2.3% of the vote. Nigel Farage became leader in September 2006.He resigned 3 years later but became leader again in 2010. Farage by the sheer power of his intellect, his personality and his rhetoric, has brought the party to the stage where some pollsters predict a 20% vote in any general election.

This increase though is most notable for the fact that the Progressive establishment, meaning the Conservative Party under David Cameron, The Labour Party, miscellaneous other spineless parties and the mainstream media and all of its offshoots have all been implacably opposed to the UKIP.

Support for the UKIP has grown in spite of the massive forces of the establishment determined to discredit it and to do everything they can to destroy it. The zealous campaign to kill off the UKIP has been vicious and deceitful and conducted with the full force of the establishment political class. And they have failed and the UKIP has won really because of one factor, and that is Nigel Farage. His conviction, his courage and his ability has faced down the self appointed elitists and he is gathering momentum to such a degree he could quite possibly soon be leader of a party that has displaced Labour or the Conservatives as a major.

So please don’t tell me it can’t be done. That we must silently suffer the Keys, and the Bushes, and the Abbots and the Camerons. It can be done, and Nigel Farage has shown how.

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  1. There’s never a shortage of people telling you what can’t be done – until someone does it. Farage provides a wonderful template for the smaller players here – primarily Colin Craig, since Jamie Whyte will take ACT even further to the ‘progressive’ left than they already are. It really isn’t difficult: have a simple message, articulate it clearly, and stick to it!

    The statists *can* be beaten, and Farage proves it.


  2. Agree with everything you say here Red. He truely is a great example. I am predicting they will ‘win’ the European elections with the largest vote.

    Unfortunately for next years general election they use the horrid FPP system so UKIP could win 20 to 25% of the vote and may not get any seats. There would be serious trouble in the UK if this happens.


  3. “It can be done, and Nigel Farage has shown how.Damn right. But the stinking progs have plenty of dirty tricks up their sleeves yet…


  4. Sorry about the long links, I’m in a hurry. These two articles reinforce what Redbaiter’s saying:
    Conservative Nationalism vs. Liberal Multiculturalism: The Revolts of the Masses in Britain and India—And What They Mean for the US
    UKIP Election Gives Britons a Taste of Freedom… Will They Want More?


  5. “and Nigel Farage has shown how”

    And that is the key factor, Red; Farage has shown how.

    People like him are few and far between; he is an incredibly astute, articulate person, and progressives hate to be on the receiving end of one his tirades as they always lose. And at the same time Farage is able to give off an ‘average-Joe’ persona—he connects. We have no one like that in New Zealand at this stage. Maybe someone will come through the ranks in the Conservative Party over time (if permitted). But as you say, it can be done.

    But there is something else that aids Farage, and that is the EU, and the Brits have had a gutful of it, and the droves of immigrants as a result. There is a sense of urgency that is forcing people towards Farage, and in New Zealand we don’t have that sense of urgency. Even though our society is decaying from within, we still have the agricultural sector primarily propping this country up keeping our economy ticking over, and so long as people are getting fed and housed as a result, there will not be any urgent demand for change.


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  7. . It can be done, and Nigel Farage has shown how.

    bullshit. Farage is a frankly mad lefty trougher. Key at least doesn’t take his salary – Farage takes his and expenses and two separate taxpayer paid pensions – and is arguing that the taxpayers who pay for his perks shouldn’t even be able to see how much he is spending.

    Now: Cliven Bundy – there’s an example.


    • You miss the point moron, which was that the mass of the prog media, bureaucrats & politicians can be overcome by determination, effort, courage and ability.

      Most National supporters say it can’t be overcome.

      Farage is proof that the Nats are wrong and that the reason they can’t do it is that they just lack the necessaries.


      • Farage has really overcome the prog media? I’ll believe it when UKIP takes a bunch of seats in Westminster. Other than that he’s not shown anything more than Dunny managed in 2002.

        We have no one like that in New Zealand at this stage.

        Of course we do. We’ve got Whale. Look at Beppe Grillo in Italy: Whale is well on the way to doing the same thing here. My guess is its only his loyalty to his dad has stopped a Whale Army party taking 7-8%

        But as for Bundy: “Had to happen sometime, might as well happen now, right?”

        Now think what might have been.


        • Nobody is actually going to vote for Whale.
          He would be ruthlessly exposed for the socialist he is.

          His only conviction (aside from court ones) is is getting clicks for his blog. Why else do you think he clamps down on comments so much these days and posts a variety of youtube videos, clickbait and other populist material?
          It’s difficult to separate his writings or quality of comments/contributors from that of or
          In fact if these sites didn’t exist her wouldn’t have much to post.
          He actually thinks he is worthy of mainstream advertising funding, that is the biggest joke of all.


        • I called Cameron Slater an arsehole and he banned me for it.

          Fair enough, except that wasn’t the real reason.

          Slater actually banned me because I too often exposed him as the Conservative hating prog fuckwit he really is.


          • Yes it would appear that Whale is rather thin skinned. I referred to him has Blubber Boy and got promptly banned.

            Interesting I only found out I had been banned when I went to post next.

            The real reason I suspect is that I objected to the level of censorship being imposed.


    • I think I’ve read that Key receives his salary but he then donates some or all if it to charities.


  8. Well there you go Red. Because of Mr Farage, the UK was given the chance to get out of the toxic, profoundly anti-democractic EU project. Thank goodness 51.9% of eligible voters, who bothered to vote, saw sense! Yippee kai yay, mother f….rs! (Although it’s interesting have just seen there has been a petition started to get a second referendum. Most of the signatories are from London… the multi-kulti capital of England.


    • Yep, and thanks for bringing my attention to this old post.

      You’re right about London. How stupid can Progressives be? Bring in foreigners, give them the right to vote, and lose control of your own country.

      Progressives are white ants, many who although attending university have no real education.

      They are ignorant of history and completely unable to grasp the true outcomes of their actions.


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