Jones Quits As Greens Take Over The Labour Party

Green Red logoShane Jones has always disliked the Greens. During his time with Labour he has often come out with criticisms of the party. These criticisms have probably met with some approval in Labour for they have been in the most part reasonably fact based.

The Greens are an electoral disaster. Nobody really votes for them other than mis-educated but well brainwashed youth (“humans and capitalism are destroying the earth” brigade) and doctrinal adults who have the arrogance to call the Exclusive Brethren “religious freaks” when in their own extremism and fervour for their Green religion they leave the Brethren in the dust.

The Greens are delusional. They really do think the earth is dying and without them acting as our environmental conscience we are all doomed. This supreme arrogance is not at all justified. The basic premise is untrue. The earth is fine. The actions they take in support of their ideas are often self defeating and have the opposite effect to that intended. Preventing the use of DDT has resulted in millions of deaths in under developed nations. They oppose fraccing when its use in shale gas production has brought carbon emissions in the US to their lowest in recent times.

Labour claims 250,000 odd NZ kids are trapped in poverty. Rubbish of course, but I’d still like to ask them how adopting Green policies will improve things for these kids. It won’t. Anyone who reads outside conventional left wing propaganda sources knows that Green projects kill jobs due to the unsustainable subsidies they require bleeding money from more effective areas of the economy, and because they’re not ever “sustainable”. As soon as the subsidies run out, the Green projects fizzle to a halt.

So this is basically the Greens. They’re religious extremists with out any real factual basis for their claims. Their doctrinal thinking pushes them to devise poorly thought out solutions that have serious economic and social impact but frequently do nothing to address the often imaginary problems they seek to address.

Jones has every right to express the opinion that if the Labour Party are for the working class, they can’t simultaneously be for the fake environmentalist class. Jones doesn’t have to be working class, or any class to apply this simple reasoning. He can be a toffee nosed Harvard educated elitist or whatever, it does not change the fact that the Greens are never going to help investment and therefore jobs and therefore the working class.

Jones spoke truth, and constantly, and for this he was eventually drummed out of Labour by Green party infiltrators. The songbook the left are singing from says even though Jones was a short time ago third choice for leader, they’re now all most thankful for this departure. However, you only have to read around a bit to know that it is the Green Left who are pushing this line. Calling for “unity”. Producing coalition logos that place the Greens in the most prominent position.(see pic).

Bottom line is the working man faction in Labour has been thoroughly defeated by the Green infiltrators. The Greens now know that if by some chance the Labour/ Watermelon coalition wins the election, they’ve got the Ministries they desire.

The National Party has to tell the voters of NZ the truth that if they vote Labour now, they’re really voting for the de-facto Green Party, those watermelon loons who have infiltrated Labour, taken the party over and made it theirs. Shane Jone’s departure is just the exclamation mark to this statement of fact.

5 thoughts on “Jones Quits As Greens Take Over The Labour Party

  1. I wonder if the Green Co-leaders will have to share a seat at the cabinet? Maybe deputy prime ministers both? I think Russel will have to sit on Metiria’s lap.


  2. I think once the electorate wakes up to the fact that Labour has become the de-facto Green Party, or at least a path to power for the Greens, they’ll be even less popular than they are now.

    If Labour were smart they would distant themselves from these unelectable job killing lunatics, but they aren’t smart and with the Greens so deeply embedded within Labour they probably couldn’t now even if enough of original Labour wanted to.


  3. Interesting you mention DDT .This is the only effective response to killing bedbugs but cannot be used in many countries.
    Most awful critters that need to be eliminated like the Greens..


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