Abbott’s problem- he didn’t listen to his Conservative base

Left wing bloggers like David Farrar at Kiwiblog or The Veteran at No Minister were quick to identify Campbell Newman’s reversal in the recent Queensland election as a lesson as to what happens if a govt does not pander to the left. They pointed out that Tony Abbot would need to be careful of not meeting the same fate.

However Abbott’s support has in actuality wained because he has not listened to Conservatives. Personally, I am still highly annoyed at his surrender on Section 18c. Andrew Bolt too makes the case for Abbott’s lack of Conservatism as being the reason he’s currently on thin ice.

“The truth is that Abbott has found himself left without a loyal base of conservatives. He offended conservative MPs not just by his mistakes and the rudeness of his chief of staff, but by tacking too far to the Left. Few conservative MPs or even commentators feel obliged to defend him with any passion – or at all. That is hurting him badly in this showdown with Turnbull.
No, Abbott’s fault wasn’t that he listened to conservatives. It’s that he didn’t