TV ratings suggest Maori TV is a gross waste of taxpayer resources

Channel Share (All Day)

    • SKY Network: 30.6%
    • TV ONE: 24.2%
    • TV2: 13.4%
    • TV3: 12.3%
    • Other TV Channels: 4.5%
    • PRIME: 3%
    • Choice TV: 2.8%
    • FOUR: 2.7%
    • TV2+1: 1.7%
    • TV ONE plus 1: 1.7%
    • TV3 Plus 1: 1.4%
    • FOUR+1: 1%
    • Maori TV: 0.3%

via Throng.

Taxpayers fund Maori TV to the the tune of $45 million each year to keep it broadcasting. John Key’s race pandering National govt doesn’t care one jot about whether this is value for money.

4 thoughts on “TV ratings suggest Maori TV is a gross waste of taxpayer resources

  1. Have a look at the of funding that goes into all things, Maori media, especially radio. NZ on Air must be one of the most corrupt, not to sure what they are, ever.

    0.3% margin for error 3%. With .03% they must be up for a hefty performance bonus this year.

    Did they find anybody watching the Te Reo station???

    Saw NZ Post sponsoring a Waka competition, why would a SOE advertise on something that so few people watch.


  2. Its crazy when Maori reportedly have $40-50 billion worth of investments (most of it from Treaty Settlements). Why can’t they themselves run a TV station independent of taxpayer funding?


    • No its not.

      It is all about getting as much out of the “white mother fuckers” as possible.

      Any idea what gravy train John (hone) Hatefield has climbed onto?


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