National Party MPs not listening to their constituents

What on earth is going on at the National Party? Surely most MPs know that they have a duty to at least listen to, consider and react in as positive a way as possible to the views of the people who voted for them.

Why then are they all marching in lock step on the flag change issue? This is John Key’s personal crusade, and he’s admitted this on a few occasions. It is a very unpopular move with the greater majority of NZers and polls demonstrate this with around 75% against the view that the flag should be changed.

The government should not be used as a means for one man to seek self glorification. The National Party has a duty to its constituents far greater than the personal ambitions of John Key, who in his vanity sees the flag change as his political legacy.

As for the referenda, why ask the question as to preferred design first? Surely if the first question asked is “Do you support a flag change” and the answer is no, then there is no need to waste money on a second referendum. The National Party and its craven cowardly collection of MPs are going against the wishes of their constituents and wasting taxpayer’s money in a contrived mission to get what John Key wants- a political legacy.

Its time for the National Party to grow a spine and stop being led around on a leash like a bunch of poodles by one man and his ambition. They need to act on what their constituents want and not jump through hoops just because a self focused narcissist demands they do so. The National Party does not exist to pander to the vanity of one man.

Tony Abbott could tell John Key a few things about that.

5 thoughts on “National Party MPs not listening to their constituents

  1. Exactly the first step has to be do we want or need to change the flag in the first place. If yes then discuss the options.

    What happens if only 20% of people participate in the referendum. They will claim that those that did not participate voted for a change.

    I for one will not be voting on any options, in the first referendum and a no to change in the 2nd referendum.

    It may be a test run to see how they can get the maori constitution passed without a Majority of support from the people.


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