John Key has the gall to accuse Little of encouraging "Separatism"?? Too much..!!

Key Tama Iti cropKey is right of course. Little is encouraging separatism. However, as loath as I am to use such well worn cliches, has there ever been a more brazen example of pot kettle black?

Key has always been so ready to so lamely surrender to Maori he even made Helen Clark look good. Without his patronising benevolence I doubt the Maori Party would ever have amounted to the political force it has.

He’s supported the flying of the Maori flag. He’s supported the Constitutional Review, a farcical front for writing the TOW into our constitution. He pushed through the Marine and Coastal Area Bill, despite having pledged to pull the Bill if it did not have broad public support, which it certainly did not.

I’d like to see it all stop. In Opposition, successive leaders of the National Party have argued for treating all New Zealanders as equal before the law, and for abolishing separate Maori electorates.

None of this has come to pass. As with so many things John Key turned his back on them once elected and covered this betrayal with an affable public face. Key’s criticism of Little’s suggestions are correct, but I didn’t think Key could ever be quite so much the brazen hypocrite. Guess I’ve still got a lot to learn about John Key.

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