UN Climate zealots pushing for Turnbull to replace Abbott?

I don’t read much about climate change these days as I consider its a done deal. No sensible government will ever yield to the trickery and fakery of the AGW zealots. Another decade and it will be history.

But wait… Its a leftist thing, and as we all know like rust, the left never sleeps. They haven’t let it go yet and coming up at the end of 2015 is a replacement treaty for the dead Kyoto agreement that threatens to be the most damaging document to freedom and liberty ever drafted by the despicable gang of communist thugs who rejoice in the name “United Nations”.

You can read about this contemptible global socialist agreement in the New American, or at Reason.com.

The Paris treaty will be the left’s last lunge for power on the basis of their AGW scare mongering, and if it doesn’t come off, they’ve lost. That’s why its so important to them that all developed Western nations fall into line with the plan. There are two holdouts, Canada and Australia, and if they’re not on board by the end of 2015 the left will see their global ambitions crumble.

Canada has an election soon and the left are sure they can swing things there. Tony Abbott in Australia though is another story. Watch the 3.5 minute video below for Christopher Monkton’s reasoned argument for the case that the global left (the UN) have to get rid of Abbott, and that Turnbull is part of that plan.

Abbott is the one man standing in the way of this odious treaty, and if you don’t support him on anything else, you need to support him on this. Monckton thinks the fate of the free world depends upon it.

3 thoughts on “UN Climate zealots pushing for Turnbull to replace Abbott?

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    • Please don’t talk to me about payrolls. The AGW scam has allowed billions of dollars of taxpayer money to flow to self interested self promoting govt depts in a million different govt agencies who would all be bereft of funds and would not exist themselves if they were ever to allow the truth that AGW was an alarmist myth.

      Pro AGW groups have been found to have falsified or misread data on numerous occasions. They’ve frequently admitted to motivations far from the objective of controlling climate change, and supporting global income re-distribution and global power grabs.

      To attribute greed or self preservation as a motivation for an opinion on this issue to only one side is either bigotry or stupidity. Go away. We don’t need brainwashed low intellect trolls here too cerebrally dull to process information.


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