Brian Williams gone, now for his bosses Obama and Hillary

Brian Williams is a liberal/ progressive, and he has brought the MSM into further disrepute, if such a thing was ever possible. NBC should have fired him for good instead of issuing a 6 months suspension, but that’s the LW MSM for you. No real shame, its all about appearances.

Williams is a non-entity really, however even by just reading from cue cards he had the power of influence. And that influence encouraged people to vote for a couple of other liars who do have power, and are of much greater consequence than Williams- Hillary Clinton, whom the left want as next POTUS, and Barack Obama, who thanks to liberal/ progressive support, is current POTUS.

Both of these people are psychotic liars every bit as bad as Brian Williams.

Hillary Clinton is documented to have made it up about dodging sniper fire landing in a war zone in Bosnia. She claims that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, when she was born long before Sir Edmund was ever heard of. She told lies about her daughter Chelsea’s near miss on the day of the WTC attack. She lied about a video being the reason for the attack on the US Benghazi embassy. She was fired from her job with the Watergate Investigation for lying and unethical behaviour.

Obama, whether he was born in Kenya or not, lied about his birthplace. Either he lied when he said he was born there, or he lied when he said he was born in Hawaii. He claimed his mother died because she couldn’t get cancer treatment. He lied when he said you “could keep your current health plan”. He lied about his relationships with various communist, subversives and revolutionaries. I could go on for ever on this but for the curious, Obama’s lies are all listed here.

The real point to all of this though is that William’s fail on truth is just one more nail in the coffin of the delusional reality that the liberals/ progressives have constructed over the least few decades. Its a Potemkin village, a house of cards that is soon going to completely collapse.

We can bring this about if we just keep fighting on the ground, by bypassing the lying MSM and working through social media like Twitter or blogs. Williams was a watchtower guard and now he is nothing. The corrupt and delusional edifice the left have built can be broken down and destroyed, just like the Berlin wall once was.

Update- Its just been confirmed that Jon Stewart is leaving his Daily Show “later in the year” too. They’re going down like dominoes.

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