Farrar wrong on Key/ Sabin issue

I’ve blogged on this before, so was surprised to read David Farrar’s claim in his most recent posting on the Sabin issue. Mr Farrar says this-

It’s pretty simple. If the Prime Minister had known Sabin was under Police investigation in October when select committee chairs were decided, then there is no way you would have appointed him Chair of Law & Order. You’d have to be a moron to do so.

It’s what I once thought too. However I was astounded to read a quote from John Key in a NZ Herald article which is if true a complete rebuttal of this argument.

John Key to Radio NZ. Morning of 28th of January 2015.

“As I speak to you today, I’m very happy for him (Sabin) to continue in the position he does.”

This is long after Key knew what was going on with Sabin, and proves that even if he had known the story previously, he would not have changed course. So Mr Farrar’s argument is by means of this quote from John Key himself completely nullified.

Then of course there is the claim that Police told the necessary Govt Ministers of the investigation prior to the election, but did not name Sabin until November. This if true means that every Nat MP was under suspicion for all of these months. This is just manifest nonsense. John Key’s spin doctors must think we’re complete idiots to believe something so completely unlikely.