Alan West nails the destructive influences of Socialism

Allen West1Alan West is on my list of preferred presidential candidates, along with Ted Cruz and Scott Walker. Shame he isn’t running (AFAIK) because in this article he demonstrates that he has an exceptionally clear view on what is causing so many of the problems in western society. This paragraph is particularly accurate-

…the demand that the “more” must be done by government through a stronger safety net, wealth redistribution and mandated equality measures overshadows the years of evidence that indicate more often than not, government programs fail. They disincentivize wise choices, diminish individual will, limit educational opportunities, and create burdensome regulations that hinder entrepreneurship and increase the cost of living for families embracing the notion that advancement is their responsibility.

Another succinct paragraph on our housing problems-

Consider urban planning, for example. “Smart growth” measures implemented by cities that are designed to reduce urban sprawl, which prices lower- and middle-income families out of the housing market by limiting the quantity of housing, the land available for housing, and the types of housing that are allowed.

Here he takes on Obama’s radical ideological blindness regarding Charter schools and nails it perfectly-

Charter schools are smaller than conventional public schools and serve a disproportionate and increasing number of poor and minority students. Despite some mayors’ attempts to restrict them, according to the Center for Education Reform, charter school students are more likely to be proficient in reading and math than students in neighboring conventional schools, achieving the greatest gains among African-American, Hispanic and low-income students. So why would the first African-American president cancel the District of Columbia’s school voucher program in April 2009 for deserving minority school children in one of America’s worse school districts?

The minimum wage-

Proponents of higher minimum wages say they will help the working poor, yet they often price the lowest-skilled workers out of the market so they essentially earn nothing. Black teenagers are at the greatest risk of being priced out of the labor market. From 1948 to 1955, unemployment of black and white teenage males was essentially the same — 11.3 percent and 11.6 percent, respectively. However, after the minimum wage was raised from 75 cents to $1 in 1956, unemployment rose significantly for both black and white teenage males, with blacks bearing more of the burden. By 1969, the unemployment rate was 22.7 percent for black teenage males and 14.6 percent for white teenage males. Today, the unemployment rate for black teenagers is close to 40 percent

On licensing for occupations-

Occupational licensing is supposed to protect the public from unsafe and untrained operators, but in many professions, it is unnecessary and costly. A prime example of overreach is the licensing and training requirements for hair braiders. Hair braiding is a common service in the African-American community, but in some states, braiders must complete at least 300 hours of training, or have three years of experience and complete 150 hours of training, similar to requirements of cosmetologists. However, hair braiding does not involve handing potentially dangerous chemicals used on hair, so the thousands of dollars hair braiders must spend on licensing for the health and safety of the public makes no sense — and deters the entrepreneurial spirit.

And finally, welfare.

The structure of welfare benefits encourages single parenthood and family breakups, which exacerbates poverty. The poverty rate for female-headed households with children is 44.5 percent, compared to 7.8 percent for married couples with children. The poverty rate for married black Americans is only 11.4 percent, while the rate for black female-headed households is 53.9 percent.

Most welfare benefits are restricted to families with children. Thus, having a baby offers a gateway to a generous package of government benefits. However, if the mother marries a man who earns a significant income, the benefits are lost. Indeed, if the mother marries a man who is not working, but the government requires him to take available work before benefits are paid, then the benefits will be lost in any event, whether he refuses to work, or if he works and earns an income that eliminates them. Government is effectively paying women to have children out of wedlock, resulting in a 72 percent out-of-wedlock birthrate in the black community. This is devastating and demeaning to the African-American community that was once the model of strong families.

I think this is one of the best takedowns of socialism I have read lately, and I have posted the most pertinent parts here for my own quick reference, as they provide such a devastating critique of the bad ideas of the left. There is a bit more. If you want to read the complete article its here, in the Washington Times.

Why are so many politicians on the so called right so reticent to make these telling points? I’d so like to see these arguments spoken by so many more politicians across the West. Socialism is killing us and its time we stopped the rot. Long past time actually. But too many politicians, unlike Alan West, just seem so incapable of saying what needs to be said.

One thought on “Alan West nails the destructive influences of Socialism

  1. “Occupational licensing is supposed to protect the public from unsafe and untrained operators”

    No it is not. It is a nice little earner for Councils and Government departments.

    1. Do not bother with a cost benefit analysis to see if it worth doing. and
    2. Set the fees after it has been approved based on a mythical cost recovery basis. and
    3. The never revisit it to see if anything useful is being achieved and
    4. If you put in an OIA for relevant information the answer is they do not collect it.

    In reality they achieve nothing and the problem’s carry on.

    Take liquor licensing and food safety as an example.People still behave badly when drunk and people still get food poisoning.

    The problem is no accountability. They give themselves all the power but no accountability.

    So we keep on doing the same old shit and expect a different answer. Only the real objective is a nice little earner for Councils etc.


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