Does this new Cannabis study explain why there are so many retards on Kiwiblog GD?

ScreenShot005 New Zealand by some measures is the pot smoking capital of the world. As this graphic from Nationmaster demonstrates.

Our mental health stats also show that about 150,000 NZers are under treatment at any given time. Its a risky combination- mental instability (aspergers, bi-polar etc) with cannabis use.

A recently completed UK study provided the findings below-


  • Scientists found a ‘significant link’ between marijuana and manic episodes
  • Mania includes symptoms such as depression, anger and aggression
  • Also includes hyperactivity, less need for sleep and feelings of elation
  • In extremes, can cause people to become delusional and hear voices
  • Cannabis can make mania worse in people with bipolar disorder, they said

The findings add to a body of previous studies that have linked cannabis to increased rates of mental health problems including depression, anxiety, psychosis and schizophrenia.

As one who frequently reads Kiwiblog GD (much less frequently of late) I had to smile as I read this, as it seemed to offer the perfect answer for much of the delusional nonsense that masquerades as debate there.

For example- Do the voices these admitted pot smoking mentally ill commenters hear come from Al Gore and other AGW believers I wondered? Is there really a collection of lizard people living inside the hollow interior of the earth and secretly directing our fate? Is the feverish compulsion many have to denigrate Christianity at every opportunity driven by a combination of Obsessive Compusive Disorder and abuse of cannabis? It certainly seems the most likely explanation for the insane behaviour of a few of the more notorious obsessives who comment there.

You can read more here.

3 thoughts on “Does this new Cannabis study explain why there are so many retards on Kiwiblog GD?

  1. Legalizing cannabis will open Pandora’s box I reckon, and I worry that the USA is heading down the road to this disastrous end. What is also disturbing is watching self-described conservatives twisting themselves into an ecobulb attempting to label drug liberalization as a conservative principle.


    • Yes, so many seem so inexplicably incapable of recognising the link between widespread drug abuse (including alcohol) and the other degenerating characteristics of socialism. Interesting that Norway, the Great White Hope of Socialism and another heavy user of mind altering substances, has one of the highest incidents of mental illness in the developed world.


  2. Not into drugs.

    But what I do know is that prohibition does not work.

    How do you explain the high incidence Maori and Pacific Islanders mental health statistics in New Zealand.

    Is it drugs or, my theory is inter generational inbreeding.


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