The real Kevin Hague (not the white washed Kiwiblog version)

Kevin Hague Absolute HomoDavid Farrar writes a ringing endorsement of Kevin Hague’s push to be the Green Party co-leader. Its a bit of a white wash and makes a few statements concerning Hague’s background that are questionable at least. Mr. Farrar claims Hague “is not a communist”. The eminently more famous Trevor Loudon says otherwise.

At Auckland University in the late ’70s, Hague became active in the anti-Apartheid movement and went on to join Halt All Racist Tours (HART). The organisation was led at the time by Maoists (Workers Communist League) pro-Albanian Stalinists (Communist Party) and anarchists.

In 1980, Hague was president of the Auckland University Students Association, also known at the time for its links to pro-Mao militants.

In the mid 80s, Hague served as HART “education” officer. That led him into “Treaty” work. Hague just loves the Treaty of Waitangi. In the late 80s Hague was involved in the extreme left wing group, Pakeha Treaty Action and even co-wrote a book entitled “Honour the Treaty.”

Mr. Farrar says Hague has “significant political skills”, exampled in Hagues work during the campaign for same sex marriage. (DPF lamely refers to it as “marriage equality”) In fact Hague gained a reputation for thuggish and bullying behaviour during the Select Committee hearings, where he was extremely intolerant of any view that opposed his own. (Surprising in a commie right?)

The submission process too was apparently an utter shambles.

Long ago he led the successful campaign to shut down the Auckland Star newspaper for what he termed “hompohobic” editorials, so his record for intolerance and lack of regard for freedom of expression is fairly well established.

Mr Farrar thinks Hague an “excellent choice” for Greens co-leader. For myself, I can’t see how any of the above helps, and it certainly does not give Hague any “green” credentials. I think NZ is far the worse off for having such an intolerant dictatorial bully in parliament, and even worse off if he ever attains any position of leadership. As he demonstrated so clearly when he lead the Select Committee on the Marriage Redefinition Act.

My choice for Greens co-leader is the guy they kicked out of the party a year or so ago because he wanted to divorce it from Marxism. Hay I think his name was.

4 thoughts on “The real Kevin Hague (not the white washed Kiwiblog version)

  1. As you have stated in the past Red, Farrar has some peculiar habit of belly-crawling and fawning over homosexual politicians. Barnett, Carter, Hague.


  2. I quite like David Farrer but he has this obsession about all things homosexual yet he accuses me and others with having an obsession. I tend to think extreme libertarian views tend to be obsessive close to mental illness like homosexuality. Look at Cameron Slater.

    DPF is highly intelligent but that does not stop him being part of what nearly amounts to a cult. Libertarians like communist and Muslims think if everyone would listen to them the world will be a utopia.

    Nice to see on KB that many agree with us about that POS Hague.


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