Brian Williams fiddling expenses as well?

If you’re a cynic like me you’re probably not surprised to hear that Brian Williams, the face of NBC for decades, was a psychopathic liar who manufactured the news to suit his desperate liberal psychosis. Media these days just seems to be a dumping ground for deranged Progressives with their minds on some other plane, and we are ever so grateful for the few reporters and journalists out there still trying to do their job and bring some repute back to the industry.

I suggested earlier that the first lie wouldn’t be the last, and it sounds like I was pretty much right. There is going to be a lot more revealed about this pathetic liberal loser as time goes by.

However it might get even worse than chronic lying. The New York Magazine reports that NBC has expanded its probe into William’s dishonesty to include his expense accounts.

Another source told me today that NBC has widened their probe to include Williams’s expense accounts.

From this article.

Has Williams been fiddling expenses too? Wouldn’t surprise me a damn bit. These people have the morals of a coyote.

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