More proof the National Govt hates the poor /sarc

Education Minister Hekia Parata and Associate Education Minister Nikki Kaye say another 1500 low income families will be provided with computers in 2015/16 through the Computers in Homes programme.

The programme, budgeted to cost $3.04 million in the coming financial year, not only provides low income families with computer but also training, support and, assistance with connection costs.

“We want all families to have the opportunity to actively participate in a digital world and each year we support 1500 families through the programme,” says Ms Parata.

Maybe there’s something wrong with my thinking but how does it become necessary for working families who are struggling to buy computers for their own kids to be robbed of their income to buy computers for other families?

But wait, there’s more.

More than 9,500 children have received assistance for the start of the school year with grants worth nearly $4.65 million being paid to wider family members caring for children, says Anne Tolley, Minister for Social Development.

“With the school year beginning, we recognise family carers can do with a little extra help to buy essentials like uniforms and stationery, or other necessities to help children settle into a new school year.

“Stepping in to help raise vulnerable children, often after raising children of their own, is hard work and these payments recognise the invaluable role of family carers.” Mrs Tolley says.

So there we go again. National robs Peter’s family to give the money to Paul’s family. One day these vote buying morons who are so generous with other people’s money will wake up to the fact that it is their dis-incentivisation that is growing the number of poor people.

National is socialist through and through and the leftist’s whining about Key’s disregard for the poor is just insanely delusional nonsense.

3 thoughts on “More proof the National Govt hates the poor /sarc

  1. These National Socialists get worse every single damned day. At ~$3 million to buy computers for 1500 families, that’s more than $2 grand per computer. Dell are currently offering an entry-level desktop for $479. Add to that the “help” with connection costs – Orcon offer home phone plus unlimited broadband for $100 per month. Let’s say 6 months of “help” is $500. That means more than half the cost of the programme is the money-laundering operation that is the government bureaucracy. Effing leeches.


    • The National party doesn’t have a clue what to do to halt socialism, in fact they probably don’t even want to. Even when their founding principles say they must.

      They are just a collection of dumb-arsed countrified yokels who couldn’t think of a good argument if their lives rested upon it.

      Too eternally dense to understand that the policies they are embracing are designed to encourage dependency on big government and ultimately make the situation worse.

      Just utterly utterly hopeless.


  2. At some stage the music will stop and I am pretty sure you cannot unwind a Ponzie scheme so I predict it will all end very badly.

    What do you think will happen when there are not enough chairs for everybody.


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