Eleanor Catton- Artists petition for "more free speech" but really, they're against it

RNZ reports-

More than 100 artists have signed a public letter calling for greater freedom of speech, in support of the writer Eleanor Catton. The artists are supporting her criticism of the government, neo-liberal values and anti-intellectualism during a speech she gave in India.

The Man Booker prize winner was called “an ungrateful hua” and “a traitor”. Catton also said she was a victim of tall poppy syndrome and had not won New Zealand’s top book award because she was an international prize-winner. The public letter, signed by artists including Hinemoana Baker, Gordon McLauchlan, and Elizabeth Knox, backs her statements and calls for artistic freedom of expression to be celebrated.

Really, what a confused bunch of infantile Progs these people would be. No government authority has tried to shut down Catton’s free speech  No govt authority has threatened to. In fact, I’ve really got no idea what the hell these petitioners are talking about.

Catton is a far left political neophyte who in the manner of such people said ignorant unwise things very publicly and subsequently suffered public criticism from those who disagreed with her. That is how free speech works.

What these intolerant losers who signed the petition want is for those who disagreed with Catton to be silenced. They’re not actually supporting freedom of expression, they’re trying to shut it down. They cannot handle criticism and have turned the term “abuse” into a device to cripple the free speech of those who oppose the left wing cultural war.

Read, listen or watch any news outlet today and its all about silencing freedom of expression. (here’s another example) These people are tyrannical totalitarian thugs and it pains me greatly to see them among us in such numbers. Our society is doomed if we allow such blinkered ideologues to prevail.

4 thoughts on “Eleanor Catton- Artists petition for "more free speech" but really, they're against it

    • Thanks Barry. I do not use Facebook. Some of my readers might. Shame about your comments being deleted on Whale Oil, but the moderator there is a dishonest coward and you can’t expect much more.

      However, by calling on your many supporters to go there and “give them a piece of your mind” are you not engaging in exactly the kind of tactics you say are being used against Eleanor?


      • Thanks for the response… finally a real human !!! you are more than welcome to say that to the Whaloilies BTW. And I would add that to hide behind the mask of anonymity is well history tell us what kind and quality of hoard operates with that lack of metal… KKK


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