American Sniper snubbed by wet liberal Hollywood elitists?

Clint “American Sniper” won just one Academy Award Sunday night after being nominated for six awards. The Clint Eastwood-directed film was up for best picture and Bradley Cooper, who played American sharpshooter Chris Kyle, was in the running for best actor. Neither won, which is astounding, given that ”American Sniper” is now considered the most successful war film ever made. The picture did win one award,best sound editing category.

Since it premiered in late December, the film has grossed a worldwide total of $428 million. The film that beat it for best picture, “Birdman,” hasn’t come close to those numbers, making a mere $76 million since it came out in August.

As usual, Hollywood’s pain in the arse liberals couldn’t leave left wing politics out of it. “Birdman” director Alejandro Iñárritu referenced immigration during his time on stage. Patricia Arquette won best supporting actress, and dedicated her speech to equal wages for women. Of course John Legend and Common won an Oscar for their song “Glory,” which is about the civil rights movement and is on the soundtrack for “Selma.”

Clint Eastwood has made no secret of his contempt for the President. Another who was highly critical of Obama, and especially Michelle Obama (whom she described as a transvestite that everyone in Hollywood knew about) was Joan Rivers who was conspicuous by being left out of the Memoriam Tribute.

So Hollywood liberals used the Oscars to snub those with political views they don’t approve of. Social media was highly critical. American Sniper may not have won at the Oscars but it won the hearts and minds of Americans, and that is in fact a far greater tribute. To hell with Hollywood. We know what they are.

3 thoughts on “American Sniper snubbed by wet liberal Hollywood elitists?

  1. Well said. Birdman is a dreary, predictable, join-the-dots,glib kind of film. Full of cliche’s. The public don’t care about the Oscars any more, and haven’t for years. Boyhood was also snubbed, which was much more worthy. The best picture should have gone to the best picture of the public heart and minds, but that hasn’t happened since the days of The Deer Hunter. Who cares about the Oscars? Leftie crap always gets the nod.


    • I tried to watch Birdman but it just seemed to me the same old study in neurosis that liberals seem to think does the trick in film making today. I admit it is subjective, but I would never have rated it anywhere near American Sniper. But as you say, Hollywood is the Mecca of the Cultural Marxists and you couldn’t expect them to endorse a picture that is so damaging to their five decade long cause of shaming America.


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