UK PM Cameron blames internet and airlines for ISIS recruitment in UK

Last week three teenage schoolgirls girls (15-16) left the UK to join ISIS in (presumably) Syria or Iraq. Earlier in 2013 one of their classmates had left to become a jihadi bride. The suspicion is that she had prevailed upon the three teenagers to do likewise by communicating with them over Facebook.

So what’s David Cameron’s reaction to this event? He wants to exercise more control over the internet and says airlines should do more. What??? Should airline clerks be forced to ask travellers detailed questions on why they’re going anywhere? These girls were barely sixteen. There is nothing in the news article on the responsibilities of parents. There is nothing about UK government immigration policies welcoming cultures alien or hostile to the UK.

Sky News reports

Mr Cameron told MPs he was ‘horrified’ over by the case of the three London girls and announced that Home Secretary Theresa May and Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin will be talking with airlines on new ‘proportionate’ arrangements to ensure that children who are at risk are properly identified and questioned.

He also said internet companies must live up to their ‘social responsibility’ by taking down extremist content and improving co-operation with the authorities over contacts between extremists and young people.

Cameron is one of the politicians George Orwell tried to warn us about, and he manages to cling to power because of the support of his cronies within the Conservative party, but does not hold the parties principles dear or consider himself accountable to the traditional UK society. That these events occur has nothing to do with airline or internet companies but more to do with arrogant elitist politicians like David Cameron who have betrayed the west and its traditional citizens for decades. A betrayal that has probably no other eventual outcome other than bloodshed.

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