John Key's pacifist drivel typifies West's submission to terror

The argument on sending troops to Iraq is so depressing, in that its basically just the far left arguing with the extreme left over the rights and wrongs of the issue. As usual the extreme left are white-anting our forces right from the get go for the mere benefit of political advantage. Contemptible.

For the record, I’m against any engagement with ISIS for the following reasons-

1) The rules of engagement armed forces will be forced to fight under advantage the enemy and cripple our own forces ability to fight. We’re sending our troops to their possible death and we don’t even give them the right to fight. There are soldiers in jail in the West for fighting these scum as they should be fought.

2) I don’t want to see troops fighting this cowardly sectarian trash at close quarters and putting their lives in danger anyway. We need to get heavy with these bastards and hit them with the big stuff.

3) Which leads me on to the concern with Iraq. Misplaced. We need to kill ISIS because they are the enemies of the West. Iraq with its contempt for the democracy allied soldiers died to bring them, has long ago canceled itself out of our concerns.

John Key said “Defeating ISIL will mean winning the hearts and minds of those vulnerable to its destructive message.”

He also said “Our military can, however, play a part in building the capability and capacity of the Iraqi forces so they can fight ISIL themselves.”

Wrong on both these counts. Its not about Iraq or “those vulnerable to its destructive message”. And for the extreme left, its not about any “club”. Its about the West and killing these vile scum before they kill us.

The West has been incredibly weak in dealing with ISIS and other extremist Muslim factions, which is not surprising considering the treasonist behaviour of the leader of the free world, Barack Obama. Sure we need to fight ISIS. If we had Winston Churchill as PM in the UK, and clones in NZ, Australia and the US, I’d say let’s go for it. Get it done.

Under the current collection of weak prevaricating compromisers and surrender monkeys, its a no go. Lets get rid of the girly men and get some brave patriots leading the West. Then we can deal it to these murderous ISIS scum.

2 thoughts on “John Key's pacifist drivel typifies West's submission to terror

  1. Well said Red. I am also opposed to getting involved but it sure ain’t because I’m a pacifist. Over on Farrar’s National Party blog the drums of wars are beating loud, but they can’t see that this will go nowhere. The Shia-led Iraqi government created the conditions for ISIS to arise and then have to cheek to ask for Western help to fight them. We will just be supporting one bunch of genocidal thugs against another. The lives of decent New Zealand soldiers will be put at risk when the real risk to the West isn’t being addressed at all. I also remember the recent words of the retired American marine who said 300 American marines could sort ISIS out pretty quickly if they are let off the chain and actually allowed to win a war. The Allies didn’t defeat Hitler by playing nicely. And we won’t see the end of Islamic terrorism until the gloves come off.


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