The baying hounds of the left and their mission to make honest criticism unlawful

Linda Cooper Anyone interested in freedom of expression and its conflict with the aims of cultural Marxism can’t help but notice the increasingly strident campaign by the left to shut down honestly expressed criticism.

A recent example is their hysterical attacks on one Linda Cooper. I don’t know Linda but she’s apparently overtly politically active and good on her for the courage to be that. Her Twitter profile says she is Auckland Councillor-Waitakere President Waitakere Licensing Trust Chairman Family Action. Consumer rep Board of Electricity & Gas Complaints Commission. She’s also apparently a staunch Nat supporter, so this probably means she’s a far left liberal, although maybe not. Here’s the twitter exchange that caused the ruckus. The left were complaining that Nats who took part in the “Gay Pride” parade last weekend were hypocrites because some of them did not vote for same sex marriage.


The clamour from those “offended” by this outburst has been deafening and Cooper has apologised, or at least I think she has, but maybe taken it back, I can’t work it out for sure.

However what is really important here is the pressure being applied by the left, who seek to eventually make it unlawful to call a leftist a “cock”, for example.

I have long said that all recently introduced attacks on freedom of expression (such as speech codes at universities and hate speech laws) are designed to eventually create a world where a leftist can indeed be a cock, but one will be jailed or suffer some other penalty (social retraining?) for pointing this out.

I applaud Linda Cooper’s forthrightness as a strike against the insufferable mental totalitarianism the left seek to impose through their unrelenting war on speech and thought. If its not too late, you shouldn’t apologise Linda, for in doing so, you accept all of the evil premises that underpin the left’s complaints campaign. Fuck em. Don’t be intimidated by these would be tyrants. Call them what they are- a bunch of insufferable wet weak culturally Marxist ignorant of history communist cocks