Question Time- A couple of queries I know the answer to.

From today’s Question Time in the NZ parliament, an event that more and more represents a cynical exercise in stark and arrogant socialist propaganda, here’s a couple of questions I know the answers to-

Grant robertson

GRANT ROBERTSON to the Minister of Finance: What is the additional amount of gross debt that the Crown has taken on since the Government was elected in November 2008?

At somewhere around $25 billion, far too much, but as overspending is a basic requirement of the socialism you support with every bone in your body why would you be questioning it? Secondly, if it wasn’t for the foundations of debt laid down by left wing policies of both Labour and National over the last five decades, the debt wouldn’t exist. You pretend you care about debt when you’ve done all you can do to ensure it exists. Go away you slimy nauseating little commie hypocrite.


EUGENIE SAGE to the Minister for the Environment: Does he agree with the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment that a 30 centimetre rise in sea level “may not sound much” but “will be significant at a national level” in New Zealand?

Thanks for the question commie. Sea level rises have been predicted for decades now but have failed to eventuate and I see no reason for this sequence of events to change. The whole global warming seas rising scenario is discredited as an outcome of politically and financially motivated data manipulation by corrupt self serving science bodies.

If it was up to me, I’d see irresponsible propagandists like you held accountable for your lies by introducing a legal structure whereby you can be sued for damages for your incorrect predictions, and the effects such politically motivated scare mongering has on unnecessary and expensive building and land use controls, and property values.

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  1. Actualyly Red, both are bloody good questions. I’m assuming from Robertson’s question he’s inferring the debt is out of control and the size of both the welfare state and the unelected branches of government need to be radically shrunk as a matter of urgency. If not, then he’s what we all know he is – a king-sized hypocrite.

    And as for Ms Sage, I agree that a 30-cm sea level rise would be significant at a national level. But, given that the most pessimistic predictions from various alarmist IPCC reports is a rise of 1-2 cm, I don’t understand the point of the question. On a side note (and I know this is uncharitable), why is it that the only thing keeping me from wondering why somebody doesn’t whack every single Green in the face with the back of a shovel, is that someone got in first with the ugly stick?


    • Yes they are ‘bloody good questions’ but you can bet they won’t be answered with anything meaningful. And yes, what does Robertson have as a solution to the debt problem? Nothing bearing the faintest resemblance to reality I’d guess.

      Sage is a list member and a hard left winger. A good example of why we shouldn’t have people in parliament who have not been elected by their peers. Nick Smith and Gluckman will be flat out fashioning some bullshit answer that in the usual weak submission will accept the fictional premise of man made climate change.

      Update- Smith said he wasn’t sure what to do because the estimates were so broad. As pathetic as ever.

      English said the debt had almost doubled, from $43 billion to $80 billion, but that this wasn’t too bad taking the GFC and the Christchurch earthquake into account. I think I’ve read estimates giving the earhquake contribution at about $9 billion.


      • English is obfuscating, the scum-bag. I guarantee if you run a line chart plotting the size of the debt and the number of bureaucrats, the lines would look identical. The GFC has been used as cover to massively ramp up the size of the government.


          • The top one’s the one that matters. How can a nation thrive when the government suck up 30 cents of every dollar produced by the productive sectors of the economy (the real number is actually much higher than that)?


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