Flag change- John Key comes across as a cheap and nasty con man

Sneaky John key

The prevailing political mood of the “flag change panel” is as you would expect progressive. Julie Christie, Beatrice Faumina, Rod Drury, and a couple of the mandatory drop kicks from left wing academia. Maybe two Conservatives in Rhys Jones and Brian Lochore.

However seeing they all agreed to sit on the committee, then one must assume they’re all for the change, given the first task is to decide what the potential replacement design will be. So its a farce, and it always has been a farce since John Key announced there would be not one but two referenda with the first one to choose the replacement design.

The choosing of two referenda as well as being just a cheap artifice is also a gross misuse of taxpayer funds. Furthermore, it is a clear breach of the guidelines wherein it was specified quite clearly that the committee should not commit to any deed that would pre-suppose the change.

Bill English reiterates that today- “Each member has committed to undertake the flag consideration process carefully, respectfully and with no presumption in favour of change.”

I repeat the very obvious question this declaration raises. How is it possible to keep to this commitment when the first issue under discussion is what the replacement design will be?

This is such a disgustingly dishonest farce.

Leaving aside the cost, which is all up estimated at $25.7 million. $17.3 million of this is the two referenda. Half of this could be saved and probably half of the remainder too by holding a referendum right now on whether any change is necessary or desirable.

Not only would John Key be doing the right thing, he would be saving the taxpayer about $15 million or more in unnecessary expenditure. No second referendum and no further consultation being necessary.

However the truth is Key wants to spend the whole $25.7 million because really the purpose of the first part of the operation is a public brainwashing session designed to implant the idea of change in the public’s mind. To pave the way for the second referendum approving the change.

Just a cheap and nasty dishonest confidence trick on NZ voters. We’ve seen other instances of Key’s duplicity lately but they’re nothing compared to the deceit behind this operation. I’ve noticed Nat party members are too frightened to even speak out on this issue, such is the intimidating power of Key’s inner circle within the National Party.

All for what? John Key’s vain desire for some kind of political legacy? If it was up to me, he’d be paying for the whole damn farce out of his own pocket. If I couldn’t stop the whole damn slick tainted duplicitous process in its tracks that is.

11 thoughts on “Flag change- John Key comes across as a cheap and nasty con man

  1. In the past we would have had MP’s who would come out and speak against such a farce and challenge the leader publicly. And I mean National MP’s.
    Not one MP has the guts to ever challenge anything anymore.The worst bunch of National MP’s ever.It is not even worth going to see your MP if you feel strongly about an issue.Constituents are a nuisance.


  2. How about the first job of the committee is to commission a series of polls to see if there is any appetite from the electorate for a flag change.

    There recommendation may then be, that it is a waste of time to waste further resources on designing a flag that is unwanted.

    Would any new flag law also ban the flying of the old flag. If so would it also ban the flying of so called “independence” flags.

    Or maybe like Wanganui you can choose which flag you want to fly.

    I suspect that all the committee was polled on their willingness to go along with the process and are probably being paid accordingly, why woudl the turkeys vote for an early Christmas.


  3. Whata travesty. I so agree with what you said, Key;s inner circle is sinister and don’t like freedom of opinion or speech. Key is a leader who is totally morally bankrupt. He would sell his soul for the sake of his ego. What sheer arrogance. National MPs treat the people with utter, bare-faced contempt. Labour are actually at least human!!


  4. From the outset Key was telling porkies, “I often end up being seated under the Australian flag.” Maybe so, but what were his staff and foreign affairs doing about the placement of the wrong flag when he was overseas? – nothing! Yet it’s what they are paid to do! Even rockbands can get the black jelly beans removed from the rest while on tour, while Key’s well paid staff couldn’t give a stuff about the NZ PM and the integrety of the country while overseas.

    Then there is “We need a flag that is known as well as Canada’s flag is.” — Why? — Canada wouldn’t export anymore because of it, and they also have a huge tourism budget. Canada’s flag doesn’t do anything more for Canada than what their previous flag did, it is simply now more noticable than other countries flags.
    Also, if every second country does the same and changes their flag to a logo like Canada and NZ – then we are back at square one – with a mostly indistinguishable flag.

    Key has not got rid of the problem where Maori are taking more than they are entitled to from the rectification process of past grievances, so he will now find ‘pakeha NZ’ clinging to the current flag like Americans cling to their guns.

    For Key it’s all just a vanity project anyway.


  5. There are so many other worthwhile changes that Key could be expending his political capital on, not least of which would be taking an axe to taxpayer funded media outlets that are havens for commie hacks, or any other number of government quangos pissing taxpayer dollars down the drain.

    I have a hunch that the net result of the flag issue and getting involved in the murky middle east will be Key and National kissing goodbye to a fourth term.


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