Flood gates open on Pachauri's alleged sexual harassment

From Pachauri’s resignation letter-

“For me the protection of Planet Earth, the survival of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than a mission. It is my religion and my dharma.”

Another women has claimed that Pachauri has sexually harassed her, alleging sexual assault, stalking, harassment, and uttering threats from 10 years ago.

“On many occasions, against my wishes and despite knowing that I am totally against any such behaviour/act, Dr Pachauri has grabbed my body by hugging me, holding my hands, forcibly kissing me and touching my body inappropriately.”

This follows similar allegations made by a 19 year old UN researcher a few days ago. In defense of these allegations Pachauri claimed he had been the victim of “unknown cyber criminals.” For this to be true they must have been in control of his phone and other communication gear for around 17 months. And is he saying the same thing happened 10 years ago too? In fact, most of the allegations have nothing to do with electronic devices.

The truth that should have been revealed so long ago is now coming out, and it looks very much like Pachauri is a serial harasser of young woman on his staff. Ongoing harassment, unwelcome physical contact, and demeaning treatment is apparently the norm.

For at least a decade, Pachauri’s office appears to have been a workplace whose most senior official felt entitled to call women on their personal mobile phones after hours and during holidays. In which women were asked personal questions about their love life. In which they were continually groped, pestered, and invited to spend private time with Pachauri. And in which their complaints to other TERI personnel were brushed aside.

Woman #2 says that, 10 years ago, she talked to TERI colleagues including the women who comprised the Human Resources team, about doing a joint petition, an internal complaint. Seeing that the women at Human Resources were themselves subjected to such harassment did not instill much confidence in the exercise but it would at least go on record…

“Having mustered some courage, I complained to the then administrative head, essentially the side-kick to [the] Big Boss. Side-kick refused to believe me, saying that I may have misread [Pachauri’s] warmth, that such things had never been reported, requested me to end the matter there and started to show me a meditative, self-help magazine that he subscribed to.

Around that time, I gained admission at a university abroad. Since I quit the organisation, I was relieved that this was the end of this ugly episode.

Not quite. When he saw my resignation letter, [Pachauri] threatened: “From the airport to the University you are headed to, I have friends at every step. Let’s see if you manage to leave the country.”

All this happened ten years back. So why am I speaking up now? I had little courage then, but it feels like I have more now…”

Rather than media telling the truth about this creep, the magazine Nature published a glowing profile of Pachauri. Written by Gabrielle Walker, it assured us that “his staff love him.” She describes a dramatically different workplace, one in which Pachauri is “a hero to his employees.”

This guy should have been put under the microscope a long time ago. He wasn’t because as a favourite of the global Marxist movement, he was immune from the scrutiny others would normally face. Well, the cat is well and truly out of the bag now.

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