Incredible..!!! FCC rules to govern web being kept secret

I’ve been saying for years that eventually the left will come after the internet. I said they would one day work out that such a free and open means of communication was a danger to them and I was right. US President Barack Obama, IMHO the worst and most extreme left POTUS in that country’s history, is implementing legislation he calls “net neutrality”.

That is 322 pages of regulations expected to become law this Thursday and are incredibly being kept hidden from the public until that event takes place.

Gordon Crovitz at the Wall Street Journal said the so-called “net neutrality” campaign could be called “Obamacare for the Internet,” but that would be “unfair to Obamacare.” Officials say they are based on a 1934 utility regulating plan, and unless Congress or the courts block the rules, “it will be the end of the Internet as we know it,” Crovitz wrote.

Ajit Pai and Lee Goodman, two of the FCC commissioners, wrote that the real reason for the proposed rules is the perception on the part of some that freedom is “a vacuum in need of government control. “The purpose is control for control’s sake. Digital dysfunction must be conjured into being to justify a public-sector power grab.”

I hear nothing from the Republicans on this. Are they really such a collection of hopeless cowards they would allow Obama to ride so incredibly roughshod over the publics’ right to know? This legislation is, as the above commentators point out, completely unnecessary and represents nothing but an attempt by Orwellian bureaucrats and their politician flunkies to kill off a source of irritation to the left. I don’t know this for sure of course, but why else would they want to keep the regulations secret?

That virtually nothing is being done by the Republicans to stop this outrage or even make the new regulations available for public discussion confirms that in the fight for freedom folks, we’re on our own today. In a battle with a huge monolithic force that is increasingly unyielding to public concerns. I can feel the walls closing in more every day.

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  1. I saw somewhere the FCC Commissioner refused to attend before Congress. This would be a new low, even for the minions of this evil administration – I mean, at least Koskinen had the grace to front up. Every word out of his mouth was obfuscation, dissembling or outright lies, but at least he showed.

    If the FCC Commissioner’s refusal is in response to a subpoena, the Sergeant at Arms should be instructed to immediately attend at his offices and physically drag his commie arse into the hearing room. If not, a subpoena should be issued immediately and then the Sergeant at Arms so instructed.


    • If you’re taking any notice of Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi enquiry and or the inquiry into the IRS’s corrupt persecution of the Tea party, you’ll see the same kind of resistance. The Democrat Party today is such a band of arrogant power drunk thugs you can see quite easily how they could morph into the Nazis or a Pol Pot type regime.


  2. Yes if it is about Neutrality and freedom why would you want it to be secret.

    What exactly is net Neutrality.

    If it is FREE and NEUTRAL why would you need 322 pages of regulations.

    Does not pass the smell test.


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