Labour should withdraw their candidate from Northland by-election

My view on what Labour should do in the Northland electorate is withdraw their candidate. Now that Winston Peters has announced his candidature its the only thing to do. They will not win without Winston in the race, and with Winston standing have even less of a chance.

The most benefit that can be gained by Labour is in a win for Winston Peters which would be one real black eye for John Key and National. In my view there is at least a reasonable chance of this happening. As opposed to an almost certain National win if Willow-Jean runs.

Willow-Jean Prime needs to swallow her pride and withdraw her nomination while there is still time.

Or are Labour still taking strategy advice from that bumbling loser McCarten?

3 thoughts on “Labour should withdraw their candidate from Northland by-election

  1. Initially it was a relief to get National and be rid of Labor
    Then it became the lesser of two evils
    Now we know for sure that we’re screwed


  2. i had to laugh when one of the commentators on The Nation said any Labour voter with any intelligence would vote for Winston. Labour voters would have to be told in single syllable words.


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