University of Canterbury Emeritus Professor John Burrows nothing but John Key's flunky

John Burrows The chair of the panel assigned to consider a new flag design, University of Canterbury Emeritus Professor John Burrows, said its first job would be public engagement.

“We’re going to have to use the media a lot of course, there will certainly be meetings where panel members will talk to members of the public. And I see in our terms of instructions that there’s even mention of a roadshow and things like that. So we will be doing all we can, everything within our power in fact to talk to as many people as possible.”

I wonder how the esteemed Professor really feels being brought down to the level of a door to door encyclopedia salesman. Asking the suckers what colour covers they’d like on their books so as to pave the way to signing them up for a sale?

What a cheap con man. Just John Key’s flunky.

Here’s how you engage with the public Professor.

You make the referendum asking if a flag change is desirable the first one you run. Then we can all go home and stop spending taxpayer’s money on a cheap and nasty strategy, unbecoming of anyone with dignity, and plainly designed to trick voters. Really, I thought anyone whose title included the word Emeritus would know better than to be part of this pathetic National Party charade, taking dirty tricks in NZ politics to a new level altogether.

We already know John Key feels no shame for this artifice. How about you?

3 thoughts on “University of Canterbury Emeritus Professor John Burrows nothing but John Key's flunky

    • Key has already admitted he has a tough fight on his hands to change it, and has already said he knows the polls show consistent public support for keeping the flag design intact. So why is he continuing with the project? Because its all about John Key’s ego. He’s as vain and as slippery as they come.


  1. And the tame media are playing their part.

    No one asking the obvious question.

    Why is the referendum arse about face.


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