New Plymouth citizens attempt to reign in out of control racist council

Hugh Johnstone (L) receives a kowhai from Mayor Judd (R) while Kaumata Rangikotuku Rukuwai says a karakia

Hugh Johnstone (L) receives a kowhai from Mayor Judd (R) while Kaumata Rangikotuku says a karakia

The Mayor of new Plymouth, Andrew Judd, is an anti white racist/ separatist. Even worse, his divisive Marxist ideas enjoy the support of the majority of his council, which last year voted 7-to-6 to establish a Maori ward at the local government elections in 2016.

This outrageous act naturally met with stiff opposition among local people and they have decided to take action to get their arrogant council under control. Local resident Hugh Johnson organised a petition to force a referendum on the issue. Mr Johnson says the issue is too important to leave to councillors alone. He garnered 4248 signatures on his petition. Law requires that 2700 of the names be valid, or 5 percent of eligible voters, to allow a binding referendum to be automatically triggered.

Mr Johnson said- “I believe we are one country and I believe in democracy. I believe there are changes to go on in local government in this sort of nature that people should have a say. Hence this referendum.”

The district council this week validated the petition, that calls for a binding citizens-initiated referendum on the establishment of a Maori ward. The ballot will be held in May. Mayor Judd said he received the petition “in peace under the concept of manaakitanga, which in its widest sense is associated with the concept of mana”. He presented Johnson with a small kowhai as a symbol of peace and friendship.

The mayor said he would respect the result of the referendum but would continue to seek improved engagement with Maori regardless of its outcome.

How do these kind of racists/ separatists continue to get elected to positions of power in this country? I don’t like using the word “sheeple” as a euphemism for “voter”, (its too clichéd) but one can easily see why other people might think it appropriate. Great to see someone like Hugh Johnson (ex Grey Power president) doing something about it.

Separatist Andrew Judd on the other hand, should never ever be permitted to get within a light year of any government post (local or central) during the remainder of his lifetime.

3 thoughts on “New Plymouth citizens attempt to reign in out of control racist council

  1. Tha’ts because people do not participate in local body elections.

    Most of the candidates are unknown, third rate failed wanna be politicians, or nut jobs.

    Look at the end result.


    • Yep, Blobby, local body politics just aren’t “sexy” enough to attract much attention. And at the same time the media coverage is infantile and sparse.
      Yet real political change has to start at this level, a fact the Progs identified a long time ago.


      • Agree KG “real political change has to start at this level”.

        But it is just not possible. The the Auckland super shitty city. The Mayor is just a mouth piece brought out for PR purposes. The Councillors have no real power and are just rubber stamping whatever the Council officers want, don’t want to rock the boat to much and put jobs for the boys at risk. The community boards have no say just allocated a budget 90% already decided the rest is relatively minor decisions such as the painting of park benches, they get to chose the color as long as it is Council green.

        The real power is the unelected Council CEO and his officers. Make no mistake about that. I have had first hand experience of this. Councillors backing the Council officers even though they have acknowledged that it is the wrong decision.


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