David Cameron's appalling hypocrisy on child abuse

It continues to amaze me that so many of our political leaders to day are such sniveling cowardly hypocrites, compromisers and do nothings. Here we have a great example. UK PM and leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron bemoaning that state of affairs where “children in the UK have suffered sexual abuse on an ‘industrial scale’ with authorities failing to tackle the problem”.

God give me strength. What other authority had more opportunity to do something about the problem other than parliament and led by David Cameron himself they HAVE DONE NOTHING OTHER THAN EXACERBATE THE PROBLEM.

Outlining plans to tackle child sexual exploitation, David Cameron accused people and organisations of “walking on by”. Yes that is right David, and that this has been happening has been public knowledge for years. You and your gutless colleagues have deliberately encouraged a mood to prevail wherein these offences have been downplayed, as any mention was deemed ‘racist” by the whining cowardly Progressives who put political correctness above everything.

Teachers, councillors and social workers in England and Wales who fail to protect children could face up to five years in jail under the proposals.And police will now prioritise sexual exploitation as a national threat. This means such abuse will be treated in a similar way to serious and organised crime, with police forces, chief constables and police and crime commissioners having a duty to collaborate in order to protect children.

It should have been happening years ago but calls to take this kind of action have been studiously ignored by all main political parties. Until the UKIP came along and forced their hand.

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  1. “This means such abuse will be treated in a similar way to serious and organised crime”
    Which isn’t particularly promising. The Brit unit set up to fight organised crime has secured almost no convictions after several years and millions spent.



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