Human Rights Lawyers- Maori litigants at TOW hearings should be better funded

Waitangi_Tribunal_logo A far left group calling itself the The Aotearoa Human Rights Lawyers Association has criticised the process where funding for cases brought before the Waitangi Tribunal is provided by the Crown.

These bubble living progressives must have missed the growing mood that the tribunal is a farce and needs to be shut down. They said there was an “inherent tension” because the Crown must contribute funds to Māori in order to prosecute claims against the Crown, when it should take a hands-off approach to paying for the Tribunal’s operations.

So obviously they want an “independent body” to oversee dispensation of funds. In other words another racially and politically corrupt QANGO with its hand in the taxpayer’s pocket.

The AHRLA made the points in response to the government’s draft report on New Zealand’s performance under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, a United Nations agreement.

Here is what really needs to happen. The TOW tribunal is increasingly seen as a rubber stamp for any kind of outrageous claims by so called “Maori” litigants and it should be shut down immediately. Any so called “Maori” group that considers it has a grievance against the Crown should issue civil proceedings in a court of law as every other litigant has to do. The party so inclined should raise its own money for the action, again, as every other litigant has to do.

The Tribunal is a farce where there is no active case presented for the defence. The accepted limits on the burden of proof for litigants is absurdly low. The findings are frequently atrociously biased and unjust. It is an idea that was wrong from the start and has continued to be wrong over the years of its existence.

Not least because naturally the Crown is want to to settle cases where they are not only the defendant but also paying for the plaintive’s court/ legal costs. Caught in a no win all pay situation dreamed up by political imbeciles. Even some half baked lawyer with a degree from Commie University 2010 should be able to see how farcical that situation is.

The solution that will benefit ALL NZers is not to prop up this outrageous and divisive artifice with more public money but to end it completely.

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