Public broadcaster refuses to show commercial opposing same sex marriage

Taxpayer funded broadcaster SBS pulled the Australian Marriage Forum’s anti same-sex marriage television advertisement from their Sunday night telecast of the 37th Sydney Mardi Gras.

The 43-second TV ad aired on Channel 7 and 9 on Saturday while the parade was underway but SBS refused to run it. The president of Family Forum, Dr David van Gend said the ad was booked and paid for but he received an email from SBS on Friday saying they had pulled it. The ad was part of the Forum’s campaign opposing same-sex marriage, called “Think of the Child”.

“Our review board has instructed that SBS has the right to choose what ads we run, and I’ve unfortunately been instructed to advise you that we choose not to run this TVC for the Marriage Forum during the Mardi Gras telecast,” the email from SBS sales manager for Queensland, Nick Belof, said.

Dr Dr van Gend said “SBS gives free airtime for them to make their political point on ‘marriage equality’, but refuses to show even one minute of a paid ad presenting an opposing view.”

Independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich, a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage, said: “Same-sex couples make excellent parents, and the children of same-sex couples deserve the right to have married parents.

“I would like to dismiss the ads as being on the fringe of public opinion and clearly not representative of the way in which a strong majority of Australians support the LGBTI [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex] community, but I think we also can’t underestimate the damage that these ads can do to vulnerable LGBTI people.”

Mr van Gend said a large peer-reviewed study published in January drawn from over 200,000 children, found that emotional problems in children are four times higher in same-sex households than in households with both biological parents.

Here is the commercial that SBS refused to run.

3 thoughts on “Public broadcaster refuses to show commercial opposing same sex marriage

  1. Have a look at the following

    Campaign Promo – Australian Marriage Forum – March 2015 – Dr David van Gend


    • A very effective campaign but they are of course the underdog by a wide margin. The progressive mindset has been drummed into kids for decades now and as a result we have a society of people who don’t know how to think and only know what they have been told to think.

      The imperative is to free education from the left. The public education system is utterly politically corrupt and we have to fix that problem before it will be possible to fix so many other problems.


      • “Free” education is structurally corrupt – it cannot do otherwise than indoctrinate leftism. Only really truly “Free” education can teach freedom and personal responsibility: no government mandate or taxpayer funds, no “school leaving age”, all costs paid by the parents of the kids concerned so that teachers and schools know they have to compete in the marketplace.


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