That's it- I'm done supporting Abbott and the Liberal Party

White Flag The ABC reports that the Abbott Government is set to reinstate nearly $1 billion in funding for the car industry, in its latest move to cast aside several contentious policies.

The Coalition had planned to cut the funding, following announcements from Holden, Ford and Toyota that they would wind up car manufacturing in Australia in the next few years.

Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane is expected to announce the policy change this morning in Adelaide.

Just another pack of cowards and compromisers who stand for nothing. Just another pack of no-talent socialists who cannot articulate an argument to support their position. Just another pack of losers who lack the ability to fight the machinery of the left.

What’s next Abbott, a boost in funding for the ABC?

Pathetic incoherent hand waving surrender monkey. You can’t even say what you believe you’re so damn intimidated by the left wing. Of course they’ll get upset. Of course they’ll criticise you. That’s why you need to fight back you loser.

This is the whole issue really. Abbott cannot sell right wing policy. He just does not have the skills. Hell, maybe someone could tell me why we’d be worse off with Turnbull as leader. Sure he’s a dishonest self promoting bereft of principle sleazebag, but at least he has the self confidence to handle himself in the public arena and doesn’t come across as a stilted halting excessively hand waving insecure retard. If he wanted to, Turnbull could sell policies in a way Abbott is so obviously incapable of.

Other examples of spineless capitulation by the Abbott govt-

  • Caved on Section 18C (freedom of political expression)
  • Caved on education reform (university de-regulation)
  • Caved on sacking Labour appointments from govt boards.
  • Caved on GP co-payment.
  • He’s increased taxes but failed to cut spending to any measurable degree, in spite of saying both were absolutely necessary to economic survival.
  • Won’t tackle ABC bias.
  • Fails completely to resist Marxist propaganda offensive on aboriginal issues

Also, Abbott eventually capitulated on a rise in defence force pay, but this is something he should never have stood against in the first place. Like his parental leave scheme, it was a foolish stance right from the get go and that he had to be forced to cave on these two items is just more proof of his political confusion.

I’m disgusted. Just absolutely disgusted. And as for Abbott’s rise in the polls, very temporary. New poll out today-

“if an election was called today Labor would start as clear favourite to return to ­office with a commanding two-party lead of 55 per cent to 45 per cent.”

In other words, all that surrendering was for nothing anyway.

Former Treasurer Peter Costello said in a speech a couple of weeks ago-

Our political debate is currently dominated by various plans to increase tax. Front and backbenchers in the Liberal Party have proposals to increase GST, the Treasury wants to increase superannuation taxes, the Financial System Inquiry recently suggested franking credits be removed or limited in some form.

No one seems to think it relevant that on their own, none of these ideas will boost growth or create jobs. We’re having an argument about the wrong issue because we can’t bear to think about the right one…

Well, let’s talk about the real issue. How do we make our economy more productive? Higher taxes are not part of the answer.

There’s a vacuum in our political debate at the moment and it is waiting for a low-tax Liberal to fill it. If the Liberal Party doesn’t find someone to champion the cause, then senators Leyonhjelm and Day are likely to step in.

He’s right but no one in the Liberal Party is listening. They’re just another group of tax and spend socialists with no real ideas as to how to get us out of the mess we are in. I might disagree with Leyonhjelm and Day on some issues, but overall, I think far less than I disagree with the Abbott govt.

2 thoughts on “That's it- I'm done supporting Abbott and the Liberal Party

  1. Sounds like John Key – our own Marxist in Chief.

    I had a lot of confidence in Key at the start but worked out after 3 months that he was another wolf in sheeps clothing.

    I mean, at what point do the National party acolytes call this guys bluff?


    • The Key faction rules National with an iron fist. All the signs I have seen suggest that back benchers and Ministers are too frightened to oppose him. Tried to approach a few of them on their views on Key’s flag change campaign but they will not say anything. That’s partly because they want to keep their careers on track and partly because they’re the same kind of Prog that Key is.

      The National Party is a gone case. Key has been in control there for some time now and set it up so that it is a pretty solid Progressive organisation. He’s your typical Manchurian candidate. Why I think he is one of the worst Nat Party leaders ever.

      Although there has been a sequence. Shipley and Bolger were really not much better. Bottom line is the Nat party has betrayed Conservative NZ at the same time as Conservatives keep voting for it because they regard the alternative to National as too bad to contemplate.

      (BTW, just so you know, only first comment held in moderation. After that, they will appear instantly)


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