Flag change first reading – Greens, Maori and Nats yes, Labour and NZF no

Jacqui Dean, (Nats) the proverbial empty vessel

Jacqui Dean, (Nats) the proverbial empty vessel

John Key’s vain obsession with his political legacy has lead the Nationals to an alliance with the Watermelons and the racists, who of course want a flag change because they want a Maori flag.

The first reading of the New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill was passed last night 76-43. The debate was largely confined to the process, ie the two referenda method that the deceitful Key has dreamed up as a way of engineering a change through the existing wall of public resistance.

Those who spoke against were

Trevor Mallard (Lab)
Phil Goff (Lab)
Dennis O’Rourke (NZF)
Stuart Nash (Lab)
Louisa Wall (Lab)

Those who spoke for were

Bill English (Nats)
Jacqui Dean (Nats)
Jono Naylor (Nats)
Kennedy Graham (Watermelons)
Joanne Hayes (Nats)
James Shaw (Watermelons)
Marama Fox (Racist party)
Maurice Williamson (Nats)
Parmjeet Parmar (Nats)

I learnt one thing from reading the debate. Jacqui Dean is a complete knee jerk wet progressive moron and it amazes me that people so thick are in parliament. Its goes without saying that Maurice Williamson created the same impression, for he always does.

However the key point in the debate was the Nats had no answer at all to the criticism that the two referenda were unnecessary. They had no answer to the fact only 2% of NZ were interested in a flag change. They had no answer to the suggestion of just holding a referendum at the same time as the next general election and asking the simple question “Do you want to change the NZ flag?”. Thereby saving about $25 million of taxpayer money.

Basically the Nats have no honest defence to criticism of the process and it is painful to see a party I once supported reduced to a bunch of waffling left wing progressives speaking the language I detest.

We are through the looking glass politically in NZ and it is John Key who has taken us there. Without a doubt the worst National Party leader this country has ever seen.

If you want to read the (draft) Hansard of the debate its here.

8 thoughts on “Flag change first reading – Greens, Maori and Nats yes, Labour and NZF no

  1. Hypocrisy from Labour though, they removed the flag from their profile a few years back, replacing it with the fern.

    Key is the worst National leader ever as well as our worst, most deceitful and dishonest PM in history. He is savaging NZ, and under his watch we have become an extravagant, over bloated, mucked up utopia, one where our rulers largely ignore the wishes of the majority, over and over again. Can’t wait till Key is out of power…wish the electorate would be more aware of his vile ways.


    • Part of the problem is the LW media are not as critical of him as they would be normally for he’s their bitch. They’re quite happy to have him dragging National left and converting it into a progressive party, where else would they find a leader so malleable to their political POV?

      When he has outlived his usefulness they’ll turn on him with the usual venom, but as long as he’s dances to their tune, they’ll go relatively easy on him.

      When I see what JK and the National Party have done to Auckland, conniving at a foreign cultural invasion and then lamely saying it represents the free market in action, it turns my guts.


  2. If the succeed and I hope they do not.

    It will not be my flag.

    How do you make the current flag illegal whilst allowing an independence flag.


  3. He is just so blatantly arrogant bout it, it’s a real slap in the face for voters. Hope that people take note, who does he think he is, changing the flag, against popular opinion, just for his own benefit. Worst PM of our time, and of all time in our history.


  4. “We are through the looking glass politically in NZ and it is John Key who has taken us there. ”
    Damn right. The oleaginous weasel has been a profoundly destructive influence and I suspect the real truths about him will only surface after he leaves politics.


    • This is as sure as hell true with the Trans pacific partnership and agreement. John Key is signing our sovereignty away. This is the most treasonous thing anybody can do. Changing the flag is a part of it. Oh and I’m the same guy on your crusader blog, who talked about that silly Griff and his environmentalism. Those who are environmentalists sure are mental. So now you probably know who I am.


      • Yes, I agree, changing the flag is John Key’s idea and its driven by his desire to “fundamentally change” NZ. At least Obama was upfront about his ambition.

        Yes Grief is a POS as I said at Crusader Rabbit, the kind of lowlife coward and thug who flourishes at Kiwiblog where the left wingers who left Labour and came to National because they liked John Key the way they liked Helen Clark are now in the majority.

        Write anything about small govt and dismantling the welfare state on Kiiwblog these days and it meets with the same degree of derision and scorn as if you’d written it at the Standard.


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