Nigel Farage- You don’t have to agree with him to like him

nigel_farage I think Nigel Farage is popular because he breaks through the “right thinking” wall. Progressives in media and politics and academia have constructed the wall with the idea of keeping those who agree with them on the inside, and those who don’t on the outer.

Farage is a popular figure whose support forces the media to report on him because he does enjoy that support, and the more they try to drag him down, the stronger he gets. We know what’s going on here. Farage refuses to think like a Progressive, so he’s out. But we support him, not so much becasue we agree with him, but because we know the Progs are incensed that he constantly breaches their wall.

Here are a few comments Farage made in a recent interview that explain why we support him-

‘I’m taking on the establishment, and they hate me for it’

‘The media have now become a bigger problem than the politicians. We talk about the Westminster Village in politics, [but] forget it — the media village is even tighter, even narrower, even more inward-looking, and even less in touch with their own potential readership and with the country.’

The media now act, says Farage, like the guardians of ‘what is considered right-thinking’, and this is why they hate him with such rash feeling — his thoughts, his ideas, his politics are, by their judgment, un-right thinking, and thus must be shouted, or better still shut, down.

‘I think wind energy is the biggest collective economic insanity I’ve seen in my entire life. I’ve never seen anything more stupid, more illogical, or more irrational.’

‘We’re almost back to Galileo. Whether it’s Galileo or Darwin, you challenge consensus, whether it’s in science, whether it’s in politics, and you are demonised for doing it.’

‘It’s the modern puritanism’, he says of the bossy new politics of lifestyle micromanagement. ‘It’s about controlling people. It is the same paternalistic agenda from the great and the good, who think they know better than ordinary folk what is good for them.’ He says he wants smoking restrictions and other booze-demonising policies kicked out of pubs for the simple reason that the freer a pub is, the better it is.

Roll on Nigel. Its so good to see a politician so utterly unafraid he can actually be himself and not apologise for it.

The full interview is here. (Hat tip to EAD)

8 thoughts on “Nigel Farage- You don’t have to agree with him to like him

  1. The courage, bravery and fortitude of Farage to take on the entire British establishment is breathtaking.

    The smears and lies and misrepresentations he has had to put up with which have been vicious, nasty and personal would derail a lesser man.

    I have an unbelievable amount of respect for what Colin Craig tried to do over here and even if he just missed out on getting into parliament, he woke many up as to what the hell is going on in New Zealand politics and how the media have all but abandoned their role as an impartial informer of the electorate.


    • Yes, but what is most interesting about Farage is even though he is swimming against that overwhelming tide of Progressive media and the political establishment, he has made great strides and attracted a lot of support. Even when being completely unapologetic for his stands.

      That I think is why Craig never fired the way he should have. He put too much effort into trying to be a nice guy when what a large part of the political sector he tried to appeal to want to see some active confrontation of the status quo.

      Colin was too limp really, not a NZ version of Nigel Farage, that is for sure.


  2. I don’t think we’ll see an effective Nigel Farage figure arise in New Zealand until the conditions merit it. Britain is in a far worse state than New Zealand and until Britain reached that point, a Nigel Farage would not have gained traction. Similarly, we have a ways to fall yet before New Zealanders wake up to the disease of progressivism.


  3. The average New Zealander is very unaware of what is happening around them.

    Bring on the distractions, sport, TV, fake news, propoganda etc


  4. I agree Nigel Farage is fantastic. Hoping UKIP does really well in the May elections. I have a great fear, however, that due to the UK still running the horrid FPP voting system. UKIP could get 20% of the votes and stuff all actual seats.


  5. I can’t wait for the UK general election. UKIP will get around 30 % and the Lib Dems be consigned to the bin.Sadly with FFP they may not make a big break through to parliament but they will continue to grow at local level and eventually could become what breaks the political mold in the UK ,cos that’s what’s needed.


    • Farage is the type of politician that gives me hope for England and the type of politician that made the Empire glorious. Shame on the Media, the Establishment and the Monarchy, you do your history a massive injustice.


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