Bill English talking nonsense on flag change referenda

Bill English issued a press release today relating to the flag change referenda. Among the gobblygook trying to justify this farce is a highly contrived Question and Answer session.

Here’s one of the questions where Bill’s answer seemed to me to be exceptionally senseless

Question- What is the benefit of a two-stage referendum process?

Answer- A two stage process means that the most-preferred alternative flag can be found before voters decide between changing to a new flag, or keeping the current one.

So even when Bill conjures up the questions himself, he still can’t give an honest answer or one that makes sense.

The question, that you authored Bill, asks what the BENEFIT is?

Your answer says nothing about benefit. It outlines a process, but the “benefit” you requested yourself is conspicuously absent.

Furthermore your answer ignores the HARM of the unnecessary expenditure of $28 million of taxpayer’s money on a special panel of tit suckers and two referenda when one would do the job.

Bill’s meaningless waffle shows this is nothing but a cynical con job on NZers by an out of touch gang of elitists, led by the duplicitous John Key who is only interested in his own legacy.

I actually thought more of Bill English, and that stooping to this kind of trickery would be something he’d reject, but apparently I am wrong. He’s right into the deceit and flimflam and he’s just as enthusiastic about it as John Key.

10 thoughts on “Bill English talking nonsense on flag change referenda

  1. I wonder if growing up in Dipton as a little boy, Bill English dreamed of getting into politics in order to defend his leaders fanatical desire to change New Zealand’s historical flag?

    I wonder how grown men actually support this charade and still look at themselves in the mirror.


    • Even though I disagree with a lot of what Bill English does as a politician, I have always regarded him as a decent enough fellow. Misguided, but not conniving or cynical or sneaky as others have portrayed him.

      He’s been married to the same lady for some time and has quite a large number of kids, maybe six or more I think.

      Its a shame to see him so enthusiastically pushing this cynical confidence trick on the NZ people.

      And pushing it he is. Sent me a late night tweet responding to my criticism of the use of the phrase “its time” as meaningless by saying “it is time we changed the flag”.

      I have noticed a number of Nat politicians reluctant to speak on the issue. I believe John Key and his ruling clique of progressives have bullied every one of them into submission. Probably with threats of career damage if they dare speak out against it.

      Make no mistake- John Key is out to make this happen at all cost.


      • I’m from Roman Catholic stock, from a rural background and from the South Island and have met Bill on several occasions. I just can’t understand why he doesn’t make a principled objection to this at the least. That is what a man of integrity would do as there is no way in the world he supports what is being done to this country, the flag being part of a much, much bigger story.


        • I see you’re still attempting to deal with that odious POS SH on Kiwiblog. The Hoodoo Voodooist.

          Admire your staying power but the reality is he’s just some sick in the head narcissistic cowardly hypocrite and troll who doesn’t matter a damn in the scheme of things.

          If that is the kind of psychopathic loon that Farrar wants to identify his blog then good luck to him. All that will happen over time is that normal people will be driven away and the place will become a refuge for lunatics. Which has already happened to quite a large degree.


          • SH is a POS of this highest order. After spending all of last year stalking the pair of us and Reid he let slip on Kiwiblog that his reason he was doing it is he didn’t want anyone else hearing our arguments we put forward.

            I ignore the mental case now except to post the odd story I know will make him blow his fuse, just for a laugh – there is no point in debating such individuals. Now that the 3 of us don’t engage him, like a mangy dog, he tries to build up brownie points with the rest of the Kiwibloggers by attacking the likes of UglyTruth/Pennie Bright. I mean, how desperate and intellectually bereft do you have to be?

            A class 1 hoodo/voodo loon from the mental asylum


            • I think he is one of the most despicable cowardly blustering hypocritical lying schizoid scum I have come across in all my time on the internet, and that is saying something.


  2. “Cest la vie” say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell.

    Once again, the national party is in the process of delivering another sickener. I saw the light some years ago, praise the Lord, with the iniquitous National Party R.M.A.

    I am wondering how many loyal party members will see the national party for just what it is, i.e. a now poorly disguised Trojan Horse . All their hard work and effort has been for naught.
    Are they so disconnected that alarm bells don’t ring. Perhaps they like pathetic sickly white liberal socialist types.


  3. And I might add, where is Farrar’s Tax Payers Union when you need them?

    As I’ve said before ” The TPU is ust as lazy as any other union in NZ. And they’ll only ever suggest what is politicly palatable for National.”


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